translated from Yandex purse on Kiwi

electronic wallets and money have become increasingly popular.Some people prefer to use this way of payment for services.But the diversity of these services leads to the fact that sometimes we need to transfer money from one purse to another, and how to do it, is not known.

Among the most popular payment systems can be divided into three: Webmoney, Yandex Money purse and Kiwi.But if the first system is more or less familiar to everyone, when transferring money from Yandex on the Kiwi may be some difficulties.So you do not lose your hard earned finances, in this article we'll show you how to make a transfer to Yandex money for Kiwi.


translated from Yandex purse on Kiwi

How can I transfer money through intermediaries

  1. If you are not registered in the system Qiwi, be sure to do it.So you will greatly simplify the procedure for withdrawal.The most popular way until now considered a transfer of money from Yandex on Kiwi via mobile phone.First you need to deposit money purse Yandex to the account of his cell, and from the
    re - to the purse Kiwi.Many users believe that the most reliable method, since it is not necessary to resort to dubious intermediaries and fear that the funds will be written off and the other purse, they did not appear.However, using this method you have to pay the transfer fee.Read more about it you can find on the site Yandex money.
  2. recently appeared another way.The Kiwi purse you need to create a special virtual card-based payment system, Visa.It's called QVC.When transferring money from Yandex at Qiwi, you simply list them on the virtual card, and they are automatically credited to the electronic wallet.
  3. And the third way - to resort to intermediaries, and special services.If you happen to find a reliable portal to transfer money, be sure to share this information with other users, as you can often find cases of fraud.Money from the account removed, confirm the application for the exchange of it, and Kiwi purse was never replenished - that such a situation often faced by users.You can call or write to customer support, but ensure that you return the money or at least the answer is, no.So read the reviews of various services withdrawal.For example, you can use the service.He is, according to reviews, is very reliable and does not require much effort to transfer money from Yandex on Kiwi.

Each site sets its proxy rules and the transfer fee.Before you send money, carefully read the rules of the portal.

directly in exchange for the above website, you first of all need to specify the purses, which you will do the translation and select the desired currency.The system will automatically show you what amount will be credited with the commission.

After confirming the transfer, you will need to specify the number of the purse in Yandex and phone number that you assigned to the system Kiwi.Several times, check your data, and clicking the payment, you will be offered for the last time to confirm the transfer of money, enter your password on the purse Yandex.Translation is carried out instantly, and you will immediately be able to check the balance on the Kiwi.

translated from Yandex purse on Kiwi

Remember that transfer money from a purse on Yandex Qiwi wallet without the commission you are unlikely to succeed, so do not use the services of services that promise to carry out this operation without any additional charge.Most likely, you will be absolutely no money, and the system Yandex is not responsible for your actions on other portals.Therefore, be careful and only use the services of proven systems.