Program to cut Video

article offers a simple and clear instructions in case you want to cut from the film or video separate passage, or even like this: you want one video into several parts and some of them joined together."It is not too difficult task?" - You ask.It is quite easy, since there are now plenty of software to cut video, most of which have similar menus and perform more or less the same functions.

try to understand what a typical program to cut video.As a rule, it is quite friendly, equipped with a friendly interface and affordable tools.As an example, a popular Pinnacle Studio, which has recently been available in recent, the 17th version, the three embodiments - PS 17, PS 17, PS 17 Plus and Ultimate.They are listed in order of increasing functionality and cost (as, PS 17 Ultimate is available to over 2000 different effects and support for the latest display technology 4K ultra HD).Below we present a brief list of other commonly used video editors:

  • Sony Vegas - rather broad functionality, but most i
    mportantly - an intuitive interface
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - very broad functionality and accessibility, but the complexity ofto learn
  • Windows Movie Maker - standard utility Windows;you can not just up and just as limited in their capabilities.But with the simplest cutting cope remarkably

How to work?

must first download the file, which will be subject to cuts.Most modern video editors is done by the method of "drag-n-drop" (a simple drag and drop on the operation panel).Then - depending on the editor - performed the separation of the clip (for example, Pinnacle Studio is done in the context menu in the "Clip properties", by moving the two sliders that indicate the start and end) In the last step you need to be sure to save the resulting video clipin the main menu.

part of the program for video cropping program are generalists.That is, they do an excellent job with both the video cutting and editing the original or derived fragments (adding special effects or audio track, change the video size, format, etc.) As a rule, in the arsenal of the video editor contains a list of stylish transitions smoothlyconnecting the cut video part - the author of "clip" just have to choose the right "connection" to your liking.

What kind of program to cut the film to choose?First of all, we should pay attention to its functionality and assess their needs.It should be comfortable for you, should correctly deal with cutting video and other basic functions.Remember also that the popular programs available on the Internet a huge mass of descriptions and examples of the work of a particular function.By the way, it is desirable that such a program worked without any additional external codecs.If your plans include a complex and global installation of the video, select the professional video editor - as a rule, high-quality program of this type is only available in the paid version.

modern Internet offers a wealth of editors to download and install on your PC.In addition to programs that require installation, there are online services trim videos - everything is very simple.However, if you need a reliable tool to work with video files - you have to have a full-fledged software with functions of cutting and pasting video clips on your PC.