Instagramm: your world in pictures

In recent years, social network instagramm gained immense popularity among the owners of products of Apple, and among all the others.It was originally designed exclusively for owners of mobile devices, but eventually began to spread, and on personal computers.So let's look at how to create in this rather peculiar social networking and how to use it.

Registration in instagramm through a mobile device

At the initial stage, regardless of the platform on which operates your phone, go to the App Store: Apple Store for IPhone and Google Play for Android.Next, we enter in the search Instagram and install applications on your device.After that, start the application and go directly to the registration.

Initially, you only have to fill in several fields, in particular, e-mail address, username (your nickname in the social network), password, and, if desired phone number.You also need to choose an avatar that will appear on your page.This registration is completed, you can log into the social network.

Registration in instagramm

from the computer once it is necessary to stipulate a special instagramma computer does not exist.In fact, trying to create an account in the social network is not through a mobile device, you just get on its official website to offer access.In addition, you can not from your computer and add photos to the site - all basic operations are carried out only with smartphones and tablets.

Instagramm: your world in pictures

However, there is a workaround by which registration instagramm from the computer is still possible.First, you must download and install a program called BlueStacks.This application will allow you to emulate the way the Android OS on your PC, that is, when you start, instagramm will assume that you have a smartphone.Then, we are looking on the Internet and download the most recent file APK Google Play.Next, install the file using BlueStacks.

In the next step, you can find again the internet APK file Instagram app or search through BlueStacks.Finally, run instagramm computer through the library applications.Everything is now possible to start the registration, which will not differ from the method described for mobile devices.

How to use Instagram

Immediately is to say, how to make instagrammu.To do this, click the Share tab in the application, and then make a new photo or select one of the existing images you want to change, and show it to your friends.To apply image processing filters instagramm that allow to give it an original look.

example, using filters, you can "wear out" photo, change the colors, darken the image, and more.Instagramm hashtag (# symbol) do not differ from similar designations in other social networks, and serve to indicate the subject of your photo.They are necessary in order to collect more and likes to draw attention to your image.

Samih hashtag there are so many, and you just enough to choose the closest and popular theme.Also, using this notation, you can view images of other users with similar themes.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko