Choose everything you need for video calling in Skype

Over the past few years, the speed of data transmission through the Internet connection has increased tenfold.Because of this today almost every user can afford to communicate through video calls, instead of the traditional correspondence.On what hardware it requires, and how to choose and we will discuss in this article.

What webcam to choose to communicate in Skype

most important device required for video calls is a webcam.There are two main types of webcams - klipsovye and desktops.They differ, as you might guess, by the process of installation and fixing.Clip-camera more compact and are mounted directly on a computer monitor, or laptop, which saves space on your desktop.On the other hand their functionality considerably smaller than desktop devices.Desktop webcam can be equipped with auto focus, built-in speakers and microphone.

When selecting webcam, the main thing you should pay attention to - the resolution and frame rate per second.It is from these two parameters will depend on how clearly

and quality the image.For easy communication through video calls will be enough a resolution of 320x240.If you plan to record video or take pictures with higher resolution, you'd better choose a resolution of 640x480 pixels (this option is optimal in terms of price and quality).You can of course select and resolution of 1280x960, but the cost of a webcam will be significantly higher.

As for the frame rate per second, it is the best indicator in the 30-35 FPS - this is quite enough for a comfortable communication and video.If the frame rate will be significantly below these parameters, the video will be transmitted "to freeze" and "slow down."Also useful additional features in webcam are autofocus and Smart zoom which allow the device to adjust the sharpness and image quality directly during the shooting.

Do headset to chat in Skype

As mentioned above, some webcams are supplied with built-in speakers and microphone.In addition, modern laptop models can also be supplied with a built-in microphone and webcam.However, many experienced users are in no hurry to abandon the traditional headset (headphone + microphone).The fact is that most are not equipped with built-in microphone system suppression of extraneous sounds.The same can be said of the cheapest models of microphones.As a result, during a conversation the interlocutor can hear your voice instead of noise, strange creaking and the like.Therefore, we recommend to buy the headset separately.

By type headset for computer are divided into wired and wireless.Wired headsets can be connected to a PC via USB or through a stereo jack.The first preferred embodiment of connection and convenient because it uses only one wire, and higher transmission quality.Wireless headsets are also divided according to the method of connection: via Bluetooth and using the technology Dect.Bluetooth technology on the basic characteristics (quality of the connection, the maximum separation distance) concedes Dect, however, is more popular among ordinary users, as devices based on it is much cheaper.

main advantages of wired headset is a low price, high quality sound and no need for constant charging.At the same time wireless counterparts provide an opportunity to move around the apartment and to continue communication.In this connection, each user must decide what is important.When choosing any type of headset should pay attention to the quality of reproduction and transmission of sound.It is advisable to check these parameters, while still in the store.Also be sure to ask the seller about the system of suppression of background noise.When buying is better to give preference to well-known companies, for example, Logitech and Sony.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko