Mediaget: how to download files from torrents

Despite the fact that torrent trackers appeared in RuNet quite a long time, is still able to work with them, not all users.And due to this, first of all, the complexity of downloading files from torrents.The user needs to perform a series of actions in which he little understands.First, you need to find a suitable peering network (namely the so-called torrents right) and register it.Secondly, there is required to find a torrent file and download it, understand that this is not a film / game / music, and actually a small link to the download.

Third, find a program that can recognize the file and open it, and only then finally begin to download Movies or games.Thus, between the user and the file that he wants to download, there are many obstacles.

However, there is a program in Russian Mediaget that makes finding and downloading files much easier.Using it, you do not need to know without exception all torrent trackers where you can find the necessary files, and do not need to register at many differen

t sites.In fact Mediaget - a client to download torrent files with advanced features.

Download the program on the official website, which, incidentally, is also Russian.Once you install and run the client opens the main menu, which presents three sections - the catalog, media player and download.The catalog presents latest films, music and games that have appeared on torrents.

in the download section displays all the files you are downloading or have already completed the download.Well, the media player allows you to start watching a movie in just a couple of minutes after the injection.To any file downloaded from mediaget, simply enter its name in a special search box that appears at the top of the client.

program will automatically find files with similar names in the most popular trackers, and sort them on the potential download speed.All you have to do - is to choose one of the options and click "download".By the way, during download the program will automatically search for trackers, which is identical to the file download and upload them, which significantly speeds up the whole boot process.

After a complete or partial download of the file on your PC, it automatically starts the procedure "heard" that there are other users who are looking for this film or play can download it for you.As you can see, with this program, the process of sharing files is greatly simplified.At the same time, it should be noted that if you notice that your PC has become slow down due to the inclusion of the client, the Mediaget, better disable it.

Summarizing, we can say that the torrent client Mediaget eliminates virtually all the problems previously encountered ordinary Web users.Yes, of course, there are many similar programs that are heavily advertised on various trackers.However, they are inferior Mediaget, for ease of use and the number of opportunities.

This is due primarily to the fact that the client, unlike the others focused on broader audience, not just the tiny group of advanced users, who are well versed in the software.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko