Bookmark Yandex

Corporation Yandex, known, above all, the search engine of the same name, which is one of the most popular, in addition, the standard search functions of various content on the Internet, provides its users with other interesting possibilities.For example, the ability to set the visual bookmarks.But how to do it knows not everyone.Let's see what this all about, and what you need to do to install visual bookmarks Yandex.

What visual tab Yandex?

for a simple, visual tab is the "window" to a certain webpage.It is much more convenient than the bookmark text in which we sometimes have to sit for a long time and seek out the site you want.Here, it is worth a look around the browser window and click the mouse on the box with the name of a particular page.It's very simple, comfortable and functional.

Recall, first appeared in the bookmarks Internet browsers Opera in 2007.Then other browsers followed suit and established their own.The developers are constantly updating browser capabilities Yandex, improving

its visual and adding minor changes affecting the functionality.

Bookmark Yandex

details on installing bookmarks

As mentioned above, Yandex provides the opportunity to use their product to all who wish.But in order to install it, have a little tricky.Let's take the example of Google Chrome will consider what to do, because as no surprise, the most popular Internet browser does not have its visual bookmarks, and because of this most of the users were asked about their installation is in Chrome.

  1. Go to the "Settings and Control Chrome┬╗, which is depicted in the form of a wrench;
  2. Next, select "Tools";
  3. should see a window in which we need to choose the menu "Extensions";
  4. In it, click on "Want to see the gallery";
  5. In the window "Shop" is a search bar where we need to introduce a "visual bookmarks Yandex", then press Enter;
  6. Select a bookmark and press the "Install";
  7. necessary to confirm the new extension in the box.Just click "Add";

After all the items listed above, the visual tab on Yandex will be installed.

Bookmark Yandex

How to add a bookmark

There is nothing easier than to add your site to visual bookmark.All that is needed - click the mouse on an empty window and select from the list of recently visited sites.If that site that you want to add, is not there, then simply type in the box below the name of the web page.

By and large, the procedure for setting bookmarks in the browser Opera, Mozilla FireFox that is similar to the above.Moreover, the opera has its own, very high-quality bookmarks, so download any - any additional content unnecessarily.

Install visual bookmarks by Yandex and spend your time on the Internet from the comfort is not "Ryskov" for uncomfortable and cumbersome text menus to find the right web resource.