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One of the most popular browsers in the world - Opera, as well as others, is subject to a common problem - the presence of annoying advertising that gets us to a PC through a virus or a weak protection web - browser.Fortunately, the developers of useful software equipment, as well as "malicious" hackers, not for nothing that eat the bread and find the answer to the question of how to disable the ad at the opera.

way to disable advertising the opera

Method 1 - addblock, adguard

No more frantically press the "cross" the windows to keep up close gets out of the blue box with bare ladies and razors.This, unbeknownst to you, the application will addblock, to be precise - the expansion adguard.What you need to do to set it up and turn off all advertising on the opera?Follow the instructions below:

  1. click on this link to the application store Opera;Shop extensions
  2. Press highlighted green button "Add to Opera┬╗;
  3. Next - open the menu by clicking on the browser icon in the top left corner of the window;
  4. the drop-down menu, find the word "expansion" and go back;drop-down menu
  5. To enable or disable the application, click the relevant button "Enable" and "Disable";
  6. In addition, there are additional settings that allow you to connect additional functionality, making selective activation and more.

In addition to this program, the gallery application Opera - dozens of others with the same convenient functionality.For example - adblockplus, an enhanced version of Adblock.

Method 2 - how to disable ads in the opera without the aid applications.

If you for some reason do not want to download and install additional options, there is a way to block ad windows using tailor the browser itself.This requires:

  1. Hit Explorer icon in the upper left corner;
  2. Select the item "General Settings";
  3. turn to the tab "Content";
  4. Ubiraemgalochki opposite the "Enable Animations" and "Enable JavaScript┬╗.
  5. turn to the tab "main";
  6. In the "How to deal with pop-ups" must select "Block unsolicited."

Tips and tricks

If you look at the two ways mentioned above, it is much more preferable - the first.Take the time to download and install the program, it will take you, on the strength of a couple of minutes.User-friendly interface, automatic installation, statistics, individual settings - all this will give an opportunity for a fresh look at the sites that used to annoy you lots of pop-up audio, video and contextual advertising.The second way - only a temporary measure that will allow partially disable ads in the opera, but a perfect result you will not get anywhere.

Before installing the application, it is recommended to view a list of previously installed programs and clean up it from similar ad blocker.Otherwise, may not work or conflict, the sites may be longer than usual to load and suffer their layout and design.

I hope this article on our site helped you breathe a sigh of relief and get rid of ads in the opera, which, as it seemed before - is omnipresent.Receive only the pleasure of surfing on the boundless expanses of the global network!

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