How to insert music into a presentation

program Power Point quite a useful thing in the arsenal of your computer.With it you can easily create interesting and colorful presentations of their ideas, life moments, the results of your work.In addition, this program is a great help in business matters as easily you can present to any audience a new product of your company, report on progress, provide a business plan.Typically, users do not cause too much difficulty using the program, but sometimes people are faced with the challenge of adding music to your presentation.To such questions you did not have, let's deal.

Insert sound or audio file into a presentation

option to add music or sound, there are several.To do this, select the menu tab "Insert" and then under "Multimedia" find the icon "Sound."

As you can see, under the icon "Sound" is a small arrow, when clicked, pops up a menu that allows you to add music in several ways:

  • insert a song or an audio file of personal folders
  • choose from a collection of sounds of the program
  • record an audio file on their own.

Since we want to insert in your presentation is not just a sound or record a full music, then select the tab "Sound from File," and then find the desired song on your computer.After selecting a song, insert it into the slide.

How to insert music into a presentation

Once you have inserted the desired audio file, you will find a small panel "Play".This panel makes it easy to edit, change the sound settings of your music.For example, if necessary, you can easily cut select songs and not scrolled its entirety.To do this with the help of bookmarks you will have to refer to a set of dashes at the beginning and end of the field play.After that there is only drag the green (start) and red (final) sliders to rearrange tabs in place.

How to insert music into a presentation

If you do not want to scare the audience of the future of your presentation abrupt appearance of music, we recommend that you turn down the volume of the initial and final play, so to speak, to make a harmonious and smooth music box.Therefore, in the "Play" exhibit the necessary time start and end fading.While the bulk volume of the exhibit with the icon "Volume".See more:

How to insert music into a presentation

If you want to add an audio file not to one but to several presentation slides, there are several options:

can make a song constantly playing throughout the presentation, regardless of the number of slides.Therefore, the panel menu "Playback" tab, select the "beginning" of the proposed list choose value "for all the slides."

How to insert music into a presentation

In addition, you will still be presented the following: "Hide when showing", "Fast after playing" and "Always."Choose any that you like.

to create a lively presentation at the end of all the slides, you can add the sound of applause and ovations (there is a collection of the program).Working with similar sounds is not particularly different from the addition of songs from your computer.Is that at the initial stage, you do not have to choose "Sound from File" and "Sound from Clip Organizer."

Actually, that's all the wisdom to an end, now that you know how to insert music into a presentation.Special skills in the work with the program is not required, will be able to handle any student.Let your efforts will not leave anyone indifferent!