How to see the browsing history on different browsers

Abilities Internet are endless, but caring parents do not leave their children alone with him.Sometimes it is helpful to know which sites are visited by your son or daughter while working at the computer.Or you want to hide personal browsing history and sites with which you have worked.

therefore be useful to know how to look at the history of visited sites on the most popular among users browsers.

Internet Explorer

To show how to find the history of the browser, use the latest version, but in the rest of this procedure is carried out on the same principle.

In the upper left corner of the window there is a tab "Favorites."It is easily recognized by the symbol - a yellow star.In this tab, there are three sections:

  1. Favorites: A list of sites that have been added to your bookmarks.
  2. Channels: list of feeds that you are using.
  3. Magazine: it is in this tab and you can see what resources are visited by a computer.

where you can view the history for a certain period of time, simply by clicking on a

day or date.You can also see what pages users visit, clicking the button

How to see the browsing history on different browsers

How to see the browsing history on different browsers

Browser Opera

Here, too, everything is quite simple, and browsing history is made in the same way as in the previous browser.

  1. Go to the main menu by pressing the button under the sign of the Opera, in the upper left corner.
  2. In the list, locate the tab "History".The journal will open in a new window.
  3. for frequent removal from the list of visited sites history, you can make the tab in the left menu.To do this:
  4. bottom panel tick before the tab "History".On the side of the icon appears;
  5. direct the cursor to the sidebar, click the right mouse button, choose the option settings and put a check in front of the tab "History".

How to see the browsing history on different browsers

Mozilla Firefox

In the upper left corner under his symbol is an orange triangle.To the right is the item "History", which is open you can view the entire history of visits to sites in the last six months.

iPhones and iPads

These devaysakh traditionally set does Safari.To clear the history, or view a log of visits.

find the settings icon and go there.

How to see the browsing history on different browsers How to see the browsing history on different browsers

In box, locate the browser icon and open it.There will be a button that will allow the magazine to read and clear the history.

Yandex does

opened the window in the upper right corner locate the button labeled with a wrench.By clicking on it, you can go to the tab "History".Here you can view the history of visits and clean it, remove the data completely or partially.

Other ways to learn the history of Computer

  1. in the Program Files folder, locate the folder with the required program, there will be a small folder History, where you can read all the correspondence, if it was not removed.
  2. To see the program, which worked at the computer, go to the C drive in a folder of Windows, and then - in the Prefetch.It shows the history of recently opened programs.
  3. If you need to constantly watch how they work on your computer, install the program Punto Switcher.It automatically switches the layout and can store certain actions with your computer.There is also a function of the diary, which is automatically added to the entire history of correspondence.If necessary, it is possible to set a password.

However, conducting all these activities, remember that everyone has a right to act according to its interests and to visit those sites that it sees fit.Therefore it is better to be tolerant and tolerant to the tastes and preferences of others and not follow the personal lives relatives or colleagues.