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Word - a revolutionary program that has fallen by the way absolutely all categories of the population and is much easier for them.User-friendly interface, packed with features, including: insert tables, pictures and drawings, frame for text, the ability to pagination, a wide range of text formatting options and a lot of other useful "bells and whistles".And, of course, having such an impressive potential, to understand immediately all the virtues of the editor is problematic.

In this article we will talk about one of the most frequently asked voprosovkak make a frame for text vorde.Bolshih works it will not be, but can benefit.As a rule, it is necessary for the title pages of papers, diplomas, it is decorated with the congratulatory text.

MicrosoftWord several versions of the application, the most popular right now are: WinWord 2007, WinWord 2010, WinWord 2012. They differ from each other by the design and location of the main menu interface.

How to insert a text box in Word 2007 and 2010

Versions 2007 and 2010 are similar between a menu layout, and therefore consider separately for each version is inappropriate.Let's start in order, for example, Word 2010:

  1. the menu bar at the top we find the section "Laying out pages" and click on it;
  2. At the right end of the new tabs opened after the transition to the "layout pages" select "Page Borders";
  3. opens a window with a menu that we go to the tab "Page" (top section of the window);
  4. After moving to the left will see the "Type:".Choose "Frame" and the menu "type", which slightly to the right, look at your favorite frames;
  5. selected frame, confirmed by pressing "OK".

We do frame

Word 2012 is slightly different from previous versions, primarily by adding a new section to the menu - "Design".Now, to put a border around the page do not need to select "Page Layout", and, accordingly, "Design".

  1. In the top menu, select "Design";
  2. At the end of the top on the right - "Page Borders";
  3. Furthermore, all identical with the above instructions.

Frames can be done in the form of drawings, choose the width, color.In general, the format as your heart desires and for a specific task.I do not think you praise if the title page of the thesis work will be colored herringbone.

How to frame a color drawings:

  1. As shown in the instructions, go to the menu "page layout» è «Page Borders» è «page";
  2. At the bottom there is a menu "Pictures", click on the down arrow and select the type of picture.

There you will find and format width, color selection.

In the "Page Borders", on the right, you can select a reference to what will be created frame: the whole document, only the first page or to a particular section.The following parameters, you can set the advanced settings.

As you can see, the application Word 2007,2010 and 2012, provides its users with a wide selection of various settings, including in creating a framework for the text or page as a whole.Then you and the drawings, and the ability to choose the color, line width, dashed, solid, and more.Ward can be used for several years, but each time to discover new and more positive side of the editor.Thank you, Microsoft, for this gift.Learn the office application on, because it will greatly facilitate your life and work!

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