How to connect free sms operator MTS

Subscribers who prefer to communicate via SMS messages are always interested in special fares, which require unlimited use of the service, or at least provide a certain number of free messages per day.

mobile operator MTS offers its customers several options of tariff plans which allow the use of this communication is boundless.Consider a few of these tariffs.

Tariff Super MTS

It allows MTS subscribers to freely communicate with their relatives and friends not only in its region, but throughout Russia.

  1. subscription fee is not contracted.
  2. The day provided 100 free minutes for calls to MTS subscribers in its region.And for Muscovites - even landlines city.
  3. 100 free minutes for calls to MTS users in other regions of the country.
  4. ability to send free SMS to all subscribers of MTS, and enjoy belimitnym internet at no extra cost.

There are other actions that are directed exclusively to send free SMS messages.You can connect a free SMS to MTS through a package of appropriate services and tariffs,

"50 or 100 SMS to travel to Russia."

Package "100 SMS on trips to Russia" provides a hundred free messages to all the numbers of the country and the world.If the limit is exceeded, the cost of sending regulated by the applicable tariff.

To connect this service on your phone, you can use several methods:

  • sequence of numbers to dial * 111 * 125 # and call button;
  • send SMS with text 125 to 111;
  • enter the personal cabinet on the official website of MTS and activate the service.

Cost per month is 180 rubles.This SMS package can be connected at a lower cost - 135 rubles, but then you will be given only 50 free messages to be sent to the numbers in Russia and other countries.

To connect, you can just use your personal account on the official website, or send a message with text 124 to the number 111. Also, a combination of numbers when dialing * 111 * 124 # and the call button, you will be automatically connected to the service.

Package SMS Smart

How to connect free sms operator MTS

year ago, and MTS has introduced another option, which allows you to send unlimited SMS within fifteen days after the connection.Service "package SMS SmartĀ» is automatically connected with the transition to a tariff board "Your Country" and "Super MTS."

But there are some drawbacks.Chief among them - it is only valid for fifteen days and only in your area.At the end of the term, you will pay for the service for five rubles a day, until you decide to give it up.However, if you send at least three posts a day after the 15-day period, unlimited SMS package will turn off automatically.

To disable the service, you can use a private office, or send a message to 9009 with the text to the short number 111.

mobile operator MTS cares about its customers and its employees are constantly coming up with new shares that concern the unlimited calls, messages and unlimited possibilitiesmobile Internet.If you ever want to benefit from the use of Non-MTS, regularly visit the official website of the company to be aware of new promotions and tariff plans offered MTS.