How to make page numbers in the text using Word

Office program Word - a simple tool, intuitive to millions of users.Almost everything.Functions in the program weight: insert pictures, tables, text editing and much, much more.These include, and page numbering in a Word.

On the Internet one of the most frequently asked questions is the numbering of the pages in a word.Surprisingly, because it does not make the difficult - the operation is simple, at least in some interesting nuances.

Simple pagination

  1. We are looking at the top-left corner of the icon "Insert";
  2. opens a new horizontal menu with icons and inscriptions.We need to find a block menu "Header and Footer", it is usually far to the right, if you do not change these properties in the settings;
  3. Found?If so, then the block select "Page Number", which is what we do;
  4. For simple numbering you just indicate where the page numbers will stand.In the sub-menu selection will be "At the top" or "bottom of page", etc .;
  5. choose what is most appropriate for you, click and open in front of us with ex
    amples of graphic patterns location numbers.Look, we choose, for example, pick-me-do-clicking the mouse and voila!

Following few simple steps, you can tell everyone with dignity around what or how clever you are, and boy, were able to number the pages in a Word.

Magic pagination in the word knows no limit, and therefore, there are some useful functions that will be useful to you.What is this?This, for example, the ability to start numbering from the first document sheet (which is important, incidentally, the same students) and any on choice.

Page Numbering in Word 2010 with the desired sheet

  1. We again need to click on the "Insert" and go to the block menu "Header and Footer";
  2. select "Page Number" and find a drop-down menu "Format the page numbers";

How to make page numbers in the text using Word

  1. You should open a window, as shown in the screen shot or a little more, if the version of Word newer.The functions related to pagination, remains virtually unchanged for all versions of Office programs;
  2. In the faith of the menu (shown in the screenshot arrow) select the format you like.Standard, such as shown in the photo;
  3. At the bottom put a point (by default and so is) to "start with:" and select the serial number of the sheet from which you want to start numbering;
  4. Click "OK" and enjoy the results obtained.

When you do all the steps above, and add the numbers in a word processing document may be interested to know that double-clicking on the top or bottom of the page, you can open the edit menu.It opens a menu block "Header and Footer" to which you have been walking with the help of the above tips.The page itself, thus, will be darkened, and the area where you can write your text will retain its brightness.By the way, if you write something in this area, then it will continue on every page of your file.

Learn to use the word, write useful articles, diplomas, course and just working notes, because the program for many years now replaces many conventional notebook with a pen.