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Skype - the most popular application in the world that enables its users to make free voice, video or text communication.It is possible to organize a conference (group chat), send files and even make calls to ordinary phone numbers.The list of useful features wide, and their implementation at the appropriate level.

Surprisingly, despite the wide popularity, many have similar and often simple questions related to how to log into your Skype Skype or restore an existing one.Typically, these newcomers are interested, for the first time decided to download and install this useful program.

How to register on Skype

Registration in the system is virtually no different from other similar applications, and therefore is not a problem for most Internet users.There are two basic ways to register an account on the system.Let us consider each procedure in detail, point by point:

Method 1: registration without having to install the program Skype

In order to log on Skype without preinstalled applications, you

need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the website https: // login.skype.com/account/signup-form;
  2. sure to fill in all the lines marked with the symbol "*": name, your email address, country \ region, language, select Skype-login for which you will be able to identify the other members of the network and enter the password (it should be at leastsix characters, with one of them must be a letter, for example: L11111 or 111R11).Optionally, it is possible to fill other fields.
  3. Enter the security code below and click "I agree (-on) -Full version";
  4. After the vyshenapisannogo points, you are prompted to download the Skype for Microsoft Windows;
  5. Before you perform to claim 4, go to the post office that you entered when registering the account and confirm the account creation;
  6. now download the Skype software and make it install on your computer.

Method 2: With the help of the previously downloaded and installed the software

It is almost similar to the first method, the only difference is that in the beginning we download the program and has already directly with it with the registration of the account.Download Skype from here.

man in Skype

How to enter Skype:

  1. After registering and installing Skype, open;
  2. In the window that appears you will be required to enter your login (the one you wrote during registration) and password (the same you entered earlier in the registration page);How to enter
  3. - click on "Login".

How to repair an existing Skype

Lost your password Forgot your username?No problem.Company-software maker has provided this turn of events, because you are not the first nor the last person who originated and such a problem occurs.

Restore existing Skype will not be much difficulty, if you remember the e-mail, with the help of which registered in the system.Details:

  1. Go on etomuadresu;
  2. Under «Skype username" and "password" is a clickable link "Forgot your login Skype?» And «Forgotten your password?", Respectively;
  3. Depending on what you want to restore, click on one of the links;
  4. On the new page enter the registered in the e-mail address and click "Submit";
  5. Go to your e-mail, looking for a letter and see your data.

If you do not remember absolutely nothing, including the e-mail address in order to regain access to the existing Skype will have to contact the technical support.

We hope that our article has helped you understand the basics, and, soon, you will fully immerse yourself in the virtual world of video and voice communication.

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