How to make an account on the iPhone?

Before you talk about creating a new account on the iPhone, it should again tell the owners of a gadget than it can be useful.It may sound unusual, but some owners of iPhones quite enough features of the device, and the only Internet services that they want - access to social networks.

However, if you create a new account Aplle ID on your iPhone, you can get a very wide range of services.For example, you can always find your gadget in the event of loss or theft.For fans of the games will account for free to download and install certain applications or buying them.The same is true of music and video files.

How to make an account on the computer?

How to make an account on the iPhone?

you definitely need access to the Internet and e-mail access.And although the registration procedure requires a fairly large amount of data would have to do it only once (when creating an account).Of course, if you then want to change it, the registration will have to go again.

In the fields for registration Apple ID you will need to enter the following


  • your email address
  • create a password for your account
  • write answers to three secret question.they are standard and will be used when trying to hack your account
  • secondary email is necessary to enter it, as it will be needed in the event of breaking your page
  • birthday
  • credit card details, including expiry date and security code

started on a home computer iTunes and click on the login button.Then everything should be done according to instructions.

To create an account

How to make an account on the iPhone?

  1. the main menu, select iTunes Store tab and find the option "Create Apple ID».You will see a special window with a greeting in which you will have to confirm that you want to register an account (button Continue).
  2. you will be offered to read the user agreement.As practice shows, it almost no one reads, so I just put a tick below the text.Thus, you consent to the conditions described in this document and click «Agree» (so you will continue to work in the system).
  3. You see a lot of fields in which to enter your personal information.It is noteworthy that should fill every single stitch.
  4. primary email address.It will serve as a login to enter the Apple ID.
  5. create a password of eight characters.It must include upper and lowercase letters, one number.The system will not accept your password if it contains a space or one and the same letter is repeated more than three times.
  6. enter sensitive information.To do this, select the three questions suggested by the system and manually enter the matters to them.
  7. address additional mailbox.This line can be filled at will, but we recommend to do it in order to have access to the account in the event of tampering.
  8. date of birth is entered.The system does not allow you to proceed with the registration if the time before its user is under the age of thirteen.If you change it slightly year of birth, you will get access to the files, which are prohibited for persons under 18 years old.
  9. near the button with the desire to receive a confirmation e-mail to e-mail, check the box if you wish to learn in this mode, all updates to the system.Click on the button to proceed.
  10. In the new window you will need to enter the details of the credit card with which you plan to pay for services.It is important that you need to enter data only maps of the region in which you register an account, since the system automatically determines your location.Later you can change settings in the host country.
  11. Finally - click on the button to create an account (Create Apple ID).Now go to your mailbox, open the corresponding letter and follow the link specified therein.So you finally confirm the registration and will be able to use your new account.

How to make an account on the iPhone?