program openofis

People who often work with documents that have long experienced difficulties because of the fact that the page has to be numbered by hand and regular program offices do not always allow us to do it.But in the public domain is free software Open Office that allows you to automatically affix pagination.Moreover, the numbers will be displayed as if viewing a document electronically and in printed form.

advantages of working in OpenOffice

For conservative people there are several reasons why you should choose this program to work with documents.

Firstly, the package completely free, it can be easily downloaded from the Internet, but the installation does not require a lot of time and knowledge.

Secondly, you will not disturb the structure of the document by placing numbers manually or after the writing of the text.In addition, the properties of the program allow you to choose the place of putting numbers and their style, as well as edit the document.

And finally, in the third.If you p

ass the document made in another program, but you had to redo it because of incorrect arrangement of numbering, you can always download Open Office and fix all the flaws there.The program allows you to work with ready-made documents, and directly.

instructions affixed rooms

  1. Open the finished document (or create a new one).Choose the page on which the numbering will be offered.
  2. Choose Header (upper or lower) depending on where the numbers will be placed.You can do this in the menu "Insert" on the top panel.They choose the Footer tab.choice footer
  3. to put down a room, we direct the cursor to the footer, go back to the menu "Insert" and subparagraph "Fields", select the "Page Numbers".Here you can enter the desired digits for page numbering.
  4. To align the center of the room or any edge, you need to select it, and on the top panel to select an alignment icon.
  5. program provides for a change of style and numbering format.To do this, simply double-click on the number, and from the drop list to choose the right design, including the Roman numerals.Numbering choice
  6. According to the requirements of the official registration of papers, the first or the title page of the hotel should not be.To remove it, you need to go to the menu "Format" and select the tab where the "style".You'll see a dialog box.It has a variety of design options pages.You need to select "Home", but remember these design options to further know about the features of the software Open Office.

Page Numbering in OpenOffice is over and you can safely continue.However, when working with this program should take into account that its older versions are not suitable for other word processing programs.That is, when you open a saved document in another application, page numbering, or the general layout of the document might look different.To avoid such incidents, it is best to install the latest version of the program, which is already synchronized with other similar applications.

Do not forget that Open Office is not limited pagination.The program has many other features that will facilitate your work with the text, so in his spare time, be sure to check them.This will greatly facilitate your work with the documents and give you additional design options, especially if you often use unusual symbols and styles.

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