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Skype - the most popular application in the world that enables its users to make free voice, video or text communication.It is possible to organize a conference (group chat), send files and even make calls to ordinary phone numbers.The list of useful features wide, and their implementation at the appropriate level.

Surprisingly, most of those who actively use Skype, are still not aware of many of the functions of the application.Constantly it appears, at first glance, a simple question: how to send photos on Skype or is it possible to send a photo via Skype?Of course you can!

Transfer photos in skype: instructions with illustrations

in how to send a photo in Skype, there is absolutely nothing complicated.There are two very simple and easy way to do it.

Method 1

  1. left, in the column of contacts, point to nick to whom to send the photo you go;
  2. Click on the name of the right mouse button;
  3. In the context menu, select "Send files";
  4. This opens a window where you must specify the path to the file.

This absolutely does not matter the size of the pictures.It may be at least 1 kb, and maybe 1 gigabyte.

Sending a file

Method 2

There is another, no less a simple way to show your photo to friend.

  1. in the contacts list Select the person you want to send the photo;
  2. We click once with the left mouse button on the name;
  3. center of the screen, just above the dialog box, next to the buttons "Video call" and "Call", a little to the right, see the cross on which you need to press;
  4. Then select "Send File ..." and, by analogy with the method 1, select the photos or some photos that we want to send and click "OK".

To file has reached the destination, it should be confirmed in his version of Skype that really wants to take from you the parcel.If he does not, then after a while the file transfer will be put on hold and will remain in this state for a long time.Then it will stop and you have to go through the procedure again.

mail the photo

How to send photos via Skype OS Android

As you know, Skype is not only used on laptops or PCs.It has become very popular because of the opportunities the Android mobile phones.Versions for Windows and Android although similar but have important differences between them, especially in the design and functions of the file transfer.

In order to make the transfer of any files, photos or documents through SkypeAndroid versions need:

  1. Open the contact list;
  2. select the person to whom you want to send the photo;
  3. text box has a plus sign, click on it and open the menu;
  4. Open the contact list;
  5. select the person to whom you want to send the photo;
  6. text box has a plus sign, click on it and open the menu;

As you can see, sending any file size, quality, including pictures, on all versions of Skype - the case for one minute.Send each other their images and photos, enjoy the possibility of free communication with high quality voice and video!

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