Soin Vegetal Corps Balsam Balm expert body for the elasticity of the skin of a series Soin Vegetal Corps - Vegetable Body Care - created for skin that has lost elasticity.
laboratory researcher of Botanical Beauty Yves Rocher selected Madagascar Gotu Cola for its restorative properties.

components of vegetable origin:
Madagascar gotu kola, sesame oil, extracted from the organic crops, Candelilla wax, shea butter, soy extract, Madagascar magnifera.

facility passed dermatological control.
Balm with dense fast melting texture.

Apply this balm massage 2 times a day for at least 1 month in the whole body or problem areas.A month later the skin becomes more elastic, its structure seems rejuvenated, your contours are outlined.

secret of nature:
Gotu Kola - a little-known wild plant.It proizrostaet on the surface of the soil of subtropical forests, where there is moisture and shade necessary for full development.Gotu Kola has the property to stimulate the production of collagen.This property is to stimulate
the synthesis of collagen gives the plant a valuable feature to restore skin elasticity.
laboratory researcher of Botanical Beauty Yves Rocher specially selected leaves Madagascar gotu kola.These leaves are collected in the wild, then dried as much as possible while maintaining its healing properties.Deliveries extract selected researchers Yves Rocher, made in the framework of sustainable development, contributing to the development of life on the local level.

Yves Rocher Soin Vegetal Corps