Weather forecasts are very often misleading, especially in the long term.Nevertheless, there are always some trends that are fixed in their research scientists.We did a small review of these studies, and we hasten to share with you information on what will be the summer 2015 in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Hydrometcenter opinion about the weather in the summer of 2015

According to the general atmosphere Rosgidromettsentrom research, the average summer temperature in these countries increased by 1 degree Celsius.Many noted that the summer this time will be hotter than usual.

German weather forecasters promise hot summer

about what will be the summer of 2015, we also say the study of German scientists led by Armin Bund.By studying the surface of the Pacific Ocean, they have recorded the El NiƱo phenomenon - heating temperature of ocean waters that affects the climate of the whole world.Scientists from Germany's prophesy about the possibility of an unprecedented heat wave in Russia, Ukraine and Bela

rus during this five-year cycle.Since abnormalities in the weather in 2014 was not observed, it is likely high temperatures in summer 2015, places the thermometer can rise up to 42 degrees Celsius.