Although humanity and made significant scientific and technological progress, subordinated a considerable part of nature, explore the globe and began to explore space, but it should still look out the window and listen to the predictions of meteorologists, before you go out.Weather is not subject to any human technology, nor their desires: she capricious and myself, and all that remains for us to - to adjust to her whims.Let's find out what the weather is waiting for us in the spring of 2015 on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

What is spring 2015 in Russia

Asked when spring comes 2015 year in Russia, meteorologists can not give a precise answer as the beginning of March it promises to be very unfriendly: in most parts of the country the temperature will be 11-16 degrees belowzero.However, in mid-April, is expected warming to 7-12 degrees with the sign "plus", and by the end of the month - up to 19-20 degrees, with a significant increase in air temperature in late April is expected, even

in Siberia.May in Moscow and central regions of Russia will be warm and humid: 12-18 degrees above zero and the excess of the monthly norm of precipitation.In Western Siberia and the Far East at the beginning of the month can pass frosts.

When spring comes to Belarus in 2015

in Belarus is expected in early spring.Meteorologists claim that in the second decade of March the temperature rises to 13-17 degrees above zero by the end of the month will be 20-23 degrees with the sign "plus".This little precipitation is expected.However, in April, the temperature will drop from +5 to +11 degrees Celsius in the first half of the month and from 14 to 19 degrees in the second.Rainfall will be a few more, but will continue to dominate the clear days.By the end of May, the air warms up to 26-28 degrees above zero, although in the early months of expected short-term freezing.Rainfall this month is projected to not exceed the norm.

What is the weather forecast for the spring of 2015 for Ukraine

early spring in Ukraine is expected.How to say forecasters, all of March in most parts of the country will remain negative temperature: -20 to -5 degrees Celsius.Early Spring in Ukraine will also be marked by a continuation of snowfall.By mid-April it will thaw, and the thermometer for the first time in 2015, the year will begin to show Ukrainians have a small positive value.In the second month of spring are expected heavy rainfall.A full spring to come in May, when the temperature finally will consistently exceed the mark of 10 degrees.This month is also expected a large number of rainy days.