How to celebrate February 14

Despite the fact that winter does not hand over their positions, the air already is overwhelmed spring, and his name - Valentine's Day.On store shelves appear all sorts of paraphernalia holiday - couples figurines, soft toys, hearts and cards.Everyone is waiting for their halves unusual confession, gifts and, of course, warm embrace.And if the choice presents no problem, how to celebrate February 14 to remember this day, few know.Moreover, the situation may be very different, and the organizers of the festival can serve both girls and guys.

How to celebrate February 14: Scenarios for couples

Let's look at a few options of how to mark February 14 at home with the girl, or the beloved.

Romantic dinner

seems to be the easiest option.However, do not rush to dismiss it.Properly organized dinner will long remember your second half.It's no secret that each of us, no, no yes and wants everything to be like in the movies.Valentine's Day - an excellent opportunity to realize the dream of your mate.Do not

skimp on the surroundings, let it be beautiful!Rose petals, candles, romantic music ... muted throughout the apartment you can hang hearts, cupids image.Vase with fruit, chocolate, champagne in an ice bucket - your spouse can not stand!

How to celebrate February 14

Quest: "Find your favorite┬╗

Girls can organize an unforgettable celebration of his beloved, arranging the quest of the city.Homework: Think about the route, hints that were not much complicated, clear beautiful room, prepare entourage.In the last envelope, of course, will lay the key.This quest will be remembered exactly your lover, since it would feel like a real hunter, pursuing the coveted prey.Excitement and intrigue stoke his senses, so that the final surprise will be more than welcome!On this Valentine's Day, he will be proud to tell your friends.

Balloons for Girl

Typically, Valentine's Day - a holiday evening.Surprise your beloved by staging a surprise in the morning.For this pre-reserved by balloons in the shape of hearts, filling them with helium and enter into your bedroom while she was asleep.If she has a car, you can fill the balloons entire cabin.In any case, it will remain in awe of your ideas!And the day will begin festive and bright.

How to celebrate February 14

Valentine everywhere

Surprise your soul mate, make a real attack valentines.Buy advance many small cards hearts and night lay all pockets: coat, jacket, wallet, credit card, business card holder, cover of the phone, etc.All day your partner or fiancee would find such a nice little recognition, which will allow all day to maintain his mood to the occasion.In the evening, you have made a real holiday.

As noted on February 14 a

Sometimes it happens that has to celebrate Valentine's Day in splendid isolation.Do not be upset about this, it is better to try to arrange a real holiday.

How to celebrate February 14

Romantic dinner

Prepare your favorite dish.The one that requires a lot of time and other days you are too lazy.Or order food from the restaurant.Put the movie, which is very like a long time, or going to see.Buy yourself a tasty beverage.In short, do not deny yourself anything - it's a day of love, self-love, including!


Take a vacation at work, clear savings - Makhno and the city of love Paris.Or any other of your choice.The atmosphere of another city, holiday, complete freedom - all this will allow you to relax, take a deep breath and feel really happy!

Whatever your holiday, try to make it memorable.And do not skimp on the love all year round, to the question of how to celebrate February 14 did not scare you!