Hood without air: the main advantages of the construction

of today impossible to imagine a kitchen without a fixed hood.It allows you to clean the premises of foreign odors, fumes, and various harmful combustion products - after all it is formed during the cooking process.And so today the owners of houses and apartments are increasingly being used in everyday life, without drawing air.

Hoods for the kitchen tap without: the advantages and disadvantages

This equipment has a very simple device.It consists of a fan that rotates due to engine operation and filter holding fumes, smoke and odors.Generated air flow runs the polluted air through the filter system and, depending on the operating mode, or returns already cleaned air back into the room, or outputs it outside the kitchen, and requires removal.

Hood without air: the main advantages of the construction

Hood without using special air filters and allow air to leave the kitchen clean as long as possible.Most often, they are installed in cases of poor performance of ventilation ducts and easy installation without breaching additional holes will be pleasantly

surprised by.It is worth noting that you do not have to ponder over the placement of the cooking surface, because the proximity of the duct is not necessary.Also, the need will disappear frequently ventilate the kitchen - extraction without taps allow to store heat in the room, which is particularly important during the cold season.

Disadvantages cooker hood without the tube may include low efficiency of air purification equipment, compared with the discharging principle.Clearing the air of impurities and extraneous odors, the device does not change the level of humidity.Such duct noisier and requires regular filter changes (every six months, and can be less if used infrequently).

Hood without air: the main advantages of the construction

Hood kitchen without removal: choice and care

main when purchasing equipment is that its width should be equal to or exceed the size of the cooking surface.This will absorb all the impurities without leaving residue.Also no air extractor should provide sufficient air for an hour.To calculate the necessary power required knowledge of the parameters of the room to calculate its volume, then the resulting number should be multiplied by 10. In this way, you will know the number of cubic meters of air that must pass through the air for an hour.

After purchasing the kitchen exhaust pipe without need to regularly take care of the filter systems.Zhiropoglaschayuschy traps particulate matter (soot, fumes, oil), not allowing them to penetrate inside the equipment.In the case of his absence or malfunction of equipment failure may happen.A case of severe contamination may result in fire fat.Filters can be made of metal, acrylic and disposable (based on interlining, padding polyester or paper).Additionally, the cooker hoods are used without removal of carbon filters, which due to the granules absorb existing odors.

Hood without air: the main advantages of the construction

They should be replaced every few months.The equipment is easy to operate, and luxury models have an increased level of automation (lights, timers, remote controls, etc.).

Choosing the hood without air, you should carefully examine the proposals on the market, clearly know the parameters of its present or future kitchen.A variety of modern lineup in any case satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated buyer.For hood it is one of the key attributes of the equipped kitchen.