L Professional Series L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Volume Expand - it is cosmetics, designed specifically for effective care for fine hair, lacking volume.

At the heart of all the means used in this series for the first time an innovative technology Mineral CA - derived calcium crystals spread over the surface of each hair, forming a pivot point between the individual hairs.Hair are light and connected these points form a network, which allows you to save the amount of a long time.

  • Shampoo L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Volume Expand
special shampoo to add volume to thin hair technology Mineral CA - gives the hair elasticity and shape for added volume.

lather, rinse thoroughly.If necessary, repeat the application.

  • mask L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Volume Expand
Easy Mask for fine hair volume and enhances shine.It nourishes the delicate and fragile hair without weighing it down at the same time.It does not require exposure to hair.

evenly distributed on washed h
air with a towel pressed.Maintaining the hair is required.Rinse thoroughly.

  • Washed off gel care L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Volume Expand
Washed off the cream-care to add volume to thin hair.

system Nutritex: a combination of proteins, ceramide bio-mimetic, vitamin PP and facilitates stacking polymers.Hair more dense and elastic.Sensational volume while maintaining the lightness and tenderness.

Spread evenly on a clean, pressed hair.Comb, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • Indelible mousse care L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Volume Expand
mousse-care gives the hair a thin shape and firmness for the additional volume.Mobility records, without weighing the hair.

Shake well before use.Spread the 1-2 ball mousse to washed and pressed hair.Comb and proceed to installation.Do not rinse.

  • Indelible spray care L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Volume Expand
Increases thin hair, giving them shape and firmness at the roots.It provides mobile fixation without weighing.

Apply to the roots washed depressed towel hair strand by strand.Comb your hair to better distribute the product, and to begin installation.Do not rinse.