How to receive a meal of milk thistle?

Traditional medicine knows many tools have emerged and found to be effective long before the advent of pharmaceutical drugs. And many of them were created just based on the experience accumulated by generations of experts in natural medicine. And if today , to get rid of a headache or stomach cramps , in a hurry to take a pill , something to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system continues to appeal to the medicinal plants . One of these species, underlying many phytotherapeutic practices is milk thistle .

This homely thorn, popularly known by the names Frogbit , Marin thistle , grass of the Virgin Mary , in fact account for a close relative of a thistle. The official name of the plant - Milk Thistle . It inhabits the different climatic zones and from time immemorial, is known as a powerful tonic remedy . As such, milk thistle was used by the ancient Romans and healers in Indian temples. Today, its biological value and chemical composition are studied by scientists and recognized officially .

Features and benefits of milk thistle
Popular rumor compares the white spots on the leaves with splashes of milk thistle Dame. Moreover , given the beneficial properties of this plant , it is believed is not so far from the truth . According to biochemical analysis , thistle abundantly contains valuable trace elements (selenium , zinc , copper and others . ), Vitamins (especially fat soluble ) and a set of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The presence in the leaves and seeds of amino acids, sugars , essential oils , enzymes, flavonoids and makes thistle nutrient and energy product activity.

But the main difference between the value of milk thistle and other herbs is the so-called silymarin. This organic matter is known as a powerful antioxidant and has become virtually synonymous with the extract of milk thistle. Its main feature - hepatoprotective provided with two actions of silymarin. It strengthens the liver cell membrane and facilitates the construction of new, simultaneously turning poisons (alcohol and other toxins) into harmless compounds. Most current drugs for the treatment and maintenance of the liver was performed on the basis of silymarin.

For the manufacture of food supplements and medicinal concoctions used all parts of the plant, but the greatest strength is concentrated in its seeds. Of these, squeeze valuable oil and dried cake is crushed and converted into flour, which is called the Schroth thistle. This fiber-rich powder retains all the natural characteristics of plants and nutrients and is widely used in medicine, nutrition, food production and cooking. It has almost no contraindications, and therefore not as a substitute in the treatment and in the prevention of many diseases.

Application meal of milk thistle
Schroth (or flour ), milk thistle - is almost universal remedy , primarily aimed at the purification and recovery of all tissues and systems of the human body . And because the main protective function of the body assigned to the liver , the use of meal of milk thistle is most often associated with exposure to it on this body . Although in reality services effectiveness of this substance is much wider , and includes :
  • chemical intoxication, alcohol, drug, including poisoning pairs of chlorine and poisonous mushrooms (even death cup);
  • radiation sickness, the effects of the passage of chemotherapy and radiation therapy;
  • diabetes and other endocrine disorders;
  • heart attack, stroke and various cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins;
  • AIDS and other immune abnormalities;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • obesity, eating disorders;
  • toxicosis pregnant;
  • gynecological diseases.
This is just a brief list of the healthcare industry , which successfully applied meal of milk thistle . Take it should be only as directed by a doctor because of the universal use of recipes there . There are only general guidelines for the preparation of edible preparations:
How to receive a meal of milk thistle?
  1. One teaspoon of powder ( purchased at a pharmacy or crushed in a coffee grinder ) swallowed on an empty stomach with a glass of clean water, a half hour before eating. In the course of a preventive measure is carried out year-round , for 40 consecutive days, then make a break for two weeks and resume reception. This technique avoids the liver and accelerate the treatment of existing ones.
  2. Meal of milk thistle can be taken in the form of broth - in this form it is most often given to children . To 30 g of this powder is boiled in 500 ml of drinking water until the liquid volume is not reduced by half . This decoction take a tablespoon before eating at the intervals specified by the attending physician , but not more than three consecutive weeks.
  3. An alcoholic extract or tincture made ​​from milk thistle meal and vodka in a ratio of 50 g per 500 ml . The process of insisting in a tightly corked bottle of dark glass lasts about two weeks , during which the fluid must be periodically shaken . Take only as prescribed by a doctor , by dissolving 20-25 drops of tincture in a glass of clean water. This method is contraindicated in children under 16 years old and patients with diseases of the stomach .
  4. Tea made from milk thistle seed meal is less active and can be used over a wide range of people , including for the purpose of general improvement and strengthening of the body , activate the metabolism. 1 teaspoon of powder sealed in a pint of hot water similar to the tea leaves . Then drink is filtered and used to the food and / or at bedtime . It can also be used as poultices for diseases of the veins .
  5. Schroth thistle can replace wheat or flax flour in homemade cakes and other dishes . He is well complement all kinds of cereal, salads, can be added to soups and beverages . 1-2 teaspoons of milk thistle daily meal , eaten together with jelly or dairy products, gradually strengthen the immune system and help you lose weight (in combination with proper nutrition ) .
The list of contraindications for receiving meal of milk thistle is very brief and limited kidney disease , gallstones and aisles. Pregnant women are also better to consult a doctor before taking . The rest of the meal thistle - a harmless , natural product that promotes health and longevity.