How to take valerian tablets?

Calming effect of valerian is known to everyone. Currently, the pharmaceutical market a selection of all kinds of drugs of similar action, with prices often many times higher than for domestic products. People prefer imported sedatives, considering that the higher the price - the higher the quality, and high-profile labels on packages "100% natural origin" or "The basis of herbal ingredients only" mislead people and make you forget about the good old valerian, which is still too early to write off off.

But from the little use of any drug , if you do not know how to use it correctly . Therefore , to start with the release form of the drug - solution or tablets. In the former case, the undisputed plus is the fact that the active ingredient be acquired almost immediately and you will feel the effects of the drug . Can take up to 30 drops per once , dissolved in water. Effect feel already about 15 minutes , but what to do when stress can make you surprise out? Do not wear the same with valerian tincture butylё
k ... Here come to the aid of the tablet.

Valerian tablets are small, pale yellow in color. They cost very little (penny when compared with foreign counterparts) and if used properly can solve many problems. Valerian - a drug with sedative effects, that is, it contains substances have a calming effect, so it must be taken with increased nervous irritability, insomnia, anxiety. Additionally, valerian provide an analgesic effect for pain spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. Apply this medication as angina and even vomiting.

If you suddenly feel unwell , but take 2 tablets of valerian with water. It must act within the next 30 minutes. If after this time it will not help , you should consult your doctor and in no case do not take more pills , since the effect can be opposite to the expected . In the case where a person has been a protracted neurosis or he is inclined to worry much , but after a few weeks will begin , for example , the session , you should take care of preventive measures .

At valerian has a property to accumulate in the body , which means that its effect may be much longer and you can prepare for those situations when you may be nervous. Two weeks before the scheduled event start taking Valerian course - 1 tablet three times daily after meals . Within 14 days the active substance will build up in your body and after you stop taking the tablets will continue to operate for some time , typically 7-10 days.

In no case do not exceed the dose specified in the instructions . All sedatives plant has one side effect - in excess of the dose you may be nervous perevozbudimost happen , and it means that you are sharper begin to respond to everything , and definitely start to suffer from insomnia . So if you do not notice the effect of the admission of valerian , it is best to consult a doctor , who will pick you another drug that is right for you.

Summing up, it can be noted that valerian is an excellent and inexpensive analog of sedatives, produced abroad. Form release tablets more convenient than tincture, as the packaging of tablets easier to carry and more difficult to make a mistake in dosage. If you are too nervous to take enough 2 tablets and wait until the drug will work. Valerian to help, for example, a person with a permanent sense of anxiety - it should take a course from two weeks to a month. And, most importantly, no circumstances should you take more tablets than they should, and in case of any doubt, consult with your doctor. I wish you good health and complete peace of mind in all situations!