Vacation teaching staff Many envy the teachers when the children's holiday, it is nothing to do at school, and then they go on vacation for the three summer months.Beautiful life, is not it?That's just really no they will not give vacation to deprive 90 days.What really takes vacation teaching staff and how it is provided?

Vacation teaching staff really lasts longer than the basic paid holiday for most people.Features of regulation of work of teachers are listed in Chapter 52 of the Labor Code and Article 334 of the Labour Code states that the teaching staff are entitled to so-called annual basic extended leave with pay .

duration of this leave is established by the Government of the Russian Federation in the moment it is 42 or 56 days a year .The exact duration depends on the educational institution and the name of the position of teaching staff.

Learn it can be in the Appendix to the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of 01.10.2002 № 724 «About the extended duration of the basic annual paid leave gran

ted to teachers» (amended on 11.05.2007).

is also worth considering that the Decree regulates the provision of holiday pedagogical and executives of educational institutions regardless of their organizational and legal form and subordination.

However, teaching staff does not necessarily work in the educational institutions - the position of social educator, teacher, etc.. May be in other institutions, enterprises and organizations.In this case, should be guided by the Decree of the RF Government of 13.09.1994 №1052 «On leave of employees of educational institutions and teaching staff of other institutions, enterprises and organizations» .

There and additional leave of teachers .This meant additional annual paid leave to workers with irregular working hours (Article 119 of the Labor Code).The minimum duration of the additional leave of three calendar days, and the maximum depends determined by internal regulations or collective agreements.With the written consent of the employee additional leave may be replaced by monetary compensation as the overtime .

addition to the annual basic extended paid leave, there is also a long vacation teaching staff (stated in Article 335 of the Labor Code).Not less frequently than every ten years of continuous teaching and teaching staff of educational institutions are entitled to take a long vacation.The maximum period of leave is one year.And then, in what order and under what conditions that leave is granted determines the founder and / or the charter of a particular educational institution.

Thus, the teaching staff is really vacation longer than, say, office workers, in addition, they are entitled to additional and long-term holiday.But do not forget that the teaching - is to work with irregular working hours, consuming a lot of time and effort (because the teacher does not work only when directly conducts lessons, there are preparations for lessons, working with documents, extra-curricular and methodical work and moreetc.).Therefore such vacation time teaching staff is justified .

Vacation teaching staff