How to behave at the interview? unsuccessfully traveled interview becomes a major obstacle to the desired operation.And it can be not only in the lack of qualification of the applicant, or "black" facts of his working life.Quite often, the interview ends in failure because of the behavior of the applicant.Land of the Soviets tell, how to behave at the interview correctly.

Approximately half of the success of the interview gives a good preparation for him.This means that before the interview should try to find out about the company and the future more positions .Sources of information may provide brochures and leaflets of the company, information about companies in the media, the company's announcement.You can also ask directly to employees, but it is necessary in this case to make "discount" given by the subjectivity of assessments.

Before the interview is not recommended too "rapidly" to spend time, because traces of noisy parties would be difficult to hide from sight tenacious recruiter.It is best to interview on the eve of goi

ng to bed early to be fresh and rested appearance.

to behave at the interview correctly, can try to find out in advance the rules of corporate culture in the company .However, if such information could not get, do not worry: it is always in a winning position will be the competitor who behaves politely restrained, moderately open.

Stay during the interview should be confident , but it is important not to cross the border and not to make self-confidence self-confidence.Especially unacceptable for the applicant during the interview are arrogance effort to show themselves more intelligent interviewer, self-glorification.Talking about its virtues need to correct, waiting for the appropriate question from the recruiter.

behave during the interview should be friendly , because ruffled "beeches" rarely elicit sympathy.Here, again, it is important not to cross the line and not to make friendliness familiarity.Obsequious behavior and the desire to show their helpfulness - also not the best option for the applicant's behavior during the interview.

At the interview the interviewer should not complain to the former boss, former staff, former salary .If the question was asked about the attitude of the past-the-job, then you need to answer truthfully, to the best detail.It is unacceptable for the applicant "pouring filth" former company - this is a very bad taste.

During the interview, it is desirable to keep within business etiquette .We must listen to the interviewer, without interrupting, to give answers to the questions to the best of deployed speak clearly, loudly enough.During the conversation should look directly at the interviewer, as a glance at the ceiling or can be regarded as carelessness or a desire to conceal anything.

interview with a potential employer - this is a very important process.However, to meet for an interview as execution is not necessary.We must try to tune in to interview for a positive way, once again remember their strengths, perhaps even a little rehearse facial expressions and postures that seem profitable.In this case, the applicant will face as a specialist recruiter, radiating optimism and confidence.An experienced recruiter will not let this pass by a specialist company.

How to behave at the interview?