Occupation logistician Occupation logistician is today one of the most common and popular.In addition, it is expected that it will soon grow in popularity, because it is thanks to logisticians time you receive mail, the stores will appear in a timely manner the necessary goods and professional services, and repair of equipment come to call the place as quickly as possible.

Logistics is clearly divided into several types.First of all - it business logistics , which includes purchasing, distribution, marketing, transport and storage of goods.There are also environmental Logistics , regulates emissions of different waste and recycling, and urban logistics involves complex processes aimed at optimizing the various decisions of the administration of settlements and their infrastructure.

As already can guess, the logistics company is mainly engaged in the delivery of goods and warehousing by developing profitable supply schemes and the creation of optimal routes for movement of vehicles to carry the goods delivered to the rig

ht time in the right place and with a minimum of cost.Occupation logistician also includes a thorough market research transport services , find reliable partners and coordinate all of the operations with the manufacturers, the sales department and warehouses.

specificity of this profession is the existence of a good logistician several options for delivery of a product because of the possibility of force majeure, such as road repair, breakdown train, airplane delays or problems with crossing the state border transport. must be siding , as the main principle of logistics is to the timely delivery of goods.

Typically, large companies, regardless of occupation, have their own logistics departments .However, there are specialized companies that provide services for remote management of transportation companies.

It is said that the profession logistician is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.You must take full responsibility for the goods .One little mistake can be very costly for the company.It can cause significant losses are not delivered on time shipment.Logistician should easily find a common language with the drivers, porters and customs officials, as well as be able to make unconventional decisions, and work in a tough time constraints.Also, many companies logisticians have to cooperate with foreign partners, which requires good knowledge of foreign languages.Therefore fluent English is one of the main requirements for applicants for this position.In addition, in order to be successful logistician, need computer knowledge and relevant computer programs, can not hurt as training in the field of economics and finance.

Occupation logistician is not new .It is known that the ancient Inca positions existed, where people engaged in calculations of supply of products and messages over long distances.They have been developed such methods of delivery, which allowed only three days to transport goods or mail a distance of over 700 kilometers, which for those times was considered a very high speed.

summary, highlight a number of problems dealt with by the logistics : modal choice, thinking through the route, transportation of cargo, packaging of goods in containers, the organization of inventory management, storage of goods, marking, and collection orders.

Occupation logistician