How to name your company complexity of business is not only in the business.Very often, the company did not suffer from the fact that she had some economic problems, but because she does not have a suitable name to represent itself in the market of goods and services.Many businessmen thought painfully, how to call the company , using a variety of options.

important to remember that the correct name much depends .Firstly, the name should not deter the target audience.Secondly - the name of the company must correspond to the type of activity, otherwise it will be difficult to present your company in the market.If you are dealing with freight transport, it is not necessary to call the company "Elena", in honor of his wife or daughter.Usually businessmen admit this mistake and look rather ridiculous compared to other companies.

How to call the company if you have a few days to hand over the documentation necessary to ?Do not panic and do not cling to the first available option.How to ship call, so it will float, which is also im

portant to take into account.Do not forget that you are working primarily for the client. Consult with clients .Probably, they have formed a definite opinion about your company.You can think of an interesting event, collecting 20-50 consumers previously gave them a questionnaire to fill in some details and come up with an alternative name for the company.The first - a "plus" to you, because the consumer and the seller close relations develop it on trust.Feeling that you trust to the consumer such an important moment as the company name, the audience will be more inclined to the activities of your company, feeling its significance.

If you do not know how to call the company, try Method rebus .It is not necessary to invent a complicated design of the letters.If you want to still use the company name names of loved ones, or rearrange the letters to make the compositions of the letters of name.For example, a company may be called Marina Lensky "Marlene", but here it is necessary to take into account the type of activity.If it is a beauty salon - a better name is not found.But if it is a factory for the production of plastic cups, the name will appear in some pretentious.

If you want to look spectacular in the world market, call the company a foreign word , but before that, read the dictionary several major European languages.The same innocuous name of Galina, written in English, will the Spaniards perplexed, so if you call a network of beauty salons.Spaniards «gallina» - a "chicken."Despite the fact that the Spanish version of «galina» word is written with two «ll» - on hearing this is not very aesthetically pleasing to the Spaniards.Exactly the same problems may arise with the pronunciation.The most famous failure in naming - mineral water Blue Water , which became for Russia a "headache".Dissonant name "Blue Vota" which in Ukrainian language is the gag reflex, and later, of course, changed to Water Blue, but imagine how many nerves and money has been invested in this process!In addition, the company launched a television commercial that caused the audience two stable reaction: anger and smile.

to determine how to call the company, develop a plan of the items, each of which is made sketches of the alleged options.The plan looks like this:

  • real words.
  • coined the word.
  • Layout words.
  • phrases.
  • variation of the words.
  • new words.

This allows you to quickly find and use the plan to consult with friends or with consumers.Remember that the most important thing in naming - is :

  • matching titles occupation;
  • adequacy of the selected title;
  • aesthetic sound and visual perception;
  • sustainability of selected titles, novelty and otherness.

Thus, difficulty is how to call the company, minimum , if you can quickly and accurately describe the type of activity of the company and create a associative array, from which will be able to choose the best option name.

How to name your company