Occupation photographer At first glance profession photographer may seem very easy and accessible.It would seem that could be easier than looking through the viewfinder and press the button?However, having a good camera is small, it is necessary to have a number of personal qualities, to know the technical side of creating images and composition rules.

positive side of this profession is freedom .Many photographers prefer to work freelance and work with several prints and photographic studios.However, the profession of photographer has one big disadvantage, which is that the work is necessary in a very tough competition.

photographer must possess a number of personal qualities , which include patience and perseverance.Also plays an important role people skills and sociability.

As for the prospects of , the pinnacle of a career for some recognition is in the narrow circles of fellow photographers for others - their own businesses, such as opening a photo studio.

profession photographer also has several varieties.Shooting

for online publications, magazines and newspapers are engaged reportage photographers .Cooperation with the media is a good opportunity to hone their skills, in addition, is a great way to earn money.

Those for whom the photograph - is primarily a form of high art and the method of transmission of their own world, called photo artists or art photography.From the works of such masters can be found in specialized galleries and exhibitions devoted to contemporary art photography.Quite often, such events can compete in popularity with exhibitions of painting or sculpture.These photos are also using their skills in the fashion industry.It is safe to say that the success of most of the collections of designers depends on the skill of photographers.The same can be said about the appearance of supermodels, who deserves great credit for the photographer.

Even to mention photographers gossip , which due to the specifics of their work should have a good knowledge of diplomacy and psychology, as well as be able to correctly determine the moment to take a picture of a famous person in the best shape, as captured images will see millions of people.The opposite of this specialization are paparazzi photographers , which specifically hunt for moments in which famous people will look controversial and not very nice.This manifestation of the profession of photographer is fairly paid, but there is a great risk of losing the photographic equipment, in the hands of bodyguards.So many paparazzi are available modern technology to spy miniature size.

should also talk about the wedding photographer , which simultaneously must be masters of reportage photography and be able to quickly deal with the organization staged the shooting no matter where they are: on the street, or a banquet hall.This work requires special skills in working with people, so it is not surprising that many professional photographers for a wedding Exposed earn more than $ 400.

Regardless of the style and specialty, photographer profession requires good knowledge composition skills with studio lights and flash , as well as ownership of the relevant software packages for image processing.Today, there are a huge number of courses, training of photography, in addition, the sale is a mass of books on the theory of photography.

Occupation photographer