How to write a business plan? begin with, that we define the role of the business plan and describe in detail how, how to write a business plan .He is a full description of the company for which you are composing it, and predicts its activity.This document is the official statement to obtain any financial assistance to the enterprise.

If the business plan drawn up correctly, it will justify its three main tasks .The first - a designation shared goals for managers.The second problem - the ability to reflect on the feasibility of the project, as all the thoughts on paper, and already have a vivid example of the future of the company.A business plan can be a rehearsal of your company, so at this stage can be a lot of things to fix and alter.Finally, this document should attract potential investors who just flick through the business plan, since the time they have really very little.

business plan should be clear, concise and fully characterize the future of the company .To write a business plan will require large expenditures of tim

e and money.Many would-be entrepreneurs are asked to carry out a business plan to order, receive as a result of 30-40 pages of text, which does not disclose even the slightest essence of the plan.

for the business plan is important not only clear and neat concept, but also important is the fact that from the very first lines, it was clear what competitive advantages will have a project in their area.This is very important because many venture funds is to pay attention to it, so try to express all of the first line.

You must specify the following : the value component of the project, why buyers are willing to pay for the product or service just for this, how much money would be needed specifically to start, how to develop and grow the project, risks and ways to solve them, who is thecompetitor and partner of the company, a part of the team.Also, do not forget to all possible sources of income and expenses .There are two basic questions that you should answer: what is the profit of the project and when the company begins to generate income.Write a business plan without financial section or chapter detailed prediction impossible.

If this startup company, which has limited resources, it is critical statement of cash flows .These tools and should be reflected receivables and payables for each quarter.Advice from seasoned if a company is profitable, it can also be lost, because the profit - it's not cash.When the business plan is polished to a shine, it does not need to hide in the dusty box, and should view it every time and analyze where you were wrong, and that this error has cost you.

Before you write a business plan, you need to test the market .This will analyze your idea for uniqueness and competitiveness.When the production plan and the plan for the organization of the enterprise made up, you can start marketing section.It's a publicity stunt, a buyers' market, the price of goods or services, the decision to promote the goods or services of the enterprise.

would suggest you structure of the business plan , which is very common among new entrepreneurs.This cover sheet, a summary, a detailed description of the company, description of services and products, production, organizational and financial plans, marketing profile, risks and guarantees the company, the value of the project for the city, applications and amendments to the business plan.Of course, the structure may vary depending on your preference or the requirements of venture capital firms.Do not forget that brevity - the sister of talent, so write about anything for 40 sheets is not necessary.Let it be 20 pages of text, but it is clear and specific "works" of the text.

How to write a business plan?