Payment hospital after dismissal thunder to the hospital - a very unpleasant task, especially immediately after dismissal.Do you think that the employer does not pay for the treatment?You are wrong, because sick pay after dismissal - this is his direct responsibility.

now the case, along the lines of the law of the Russian Federation.The man who resigned or was fired, has the right within one month get social insurance that is paid sick leave.You need to contact the employer with whom you parted, or the Department of Social Insurance Fund.Do not worry, he will not chase away, as is solely responsible for payment of benefits.

employer must provide certain documents :

  • sheet of temporary disability;
  • work book (as a confirmation of the fact that at the time of disease onset citizen did not work).

How can I pay the hospital after discharge?

amount of payments due to illness is 60% of average earnings in the last year before the dismissal.The average number of daily wage is calculated as follows: the amount of accrued earnings di

vided by the number of days in that period;the result is multiplied by 60% to calculate the hospital benefits;the entire amount - a daily amount of payments, multiplied by the number of calendar days of illness.

Note that dismissal because downsizing is not a hindrance to cancel the disability insurance, but the method of calculation means little different.

medical certificate is necessary to provide for payment within 6 months after recovery.

If you work part-time, then within 30 days after the dismissal, you can get paid sick leave.Help should be provided to each employer .Lack of funds on the account of the organization - that is no reason for refusing to pay the hospital.

Another caveat - the completion of the termination of the company or employer.In this case, the allowance is not paid, but a former employee of the insured person receives a coin for the hospital by the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.Territorial Department of the Fund is determined by the residence.

the Fund was made sick pay, you need to provide a medical certificate , certificate of earnings for the calculation of payments, proof seniority , and statement on accrual benefits.

If all documents are submitted, the allowance will be credited with a maximum of 10 days of treatment.To avoid problems and troubles, check the correctness of filling the hospital.

Remember that the employer must pay the full sick leave, or he may suffer one of the penalties :

  • a fine in the amount of his salary for one year;
  • ban on certain positions that he can not hold;
  • deprivation of business for 5 years;
  • imprisonment up to 2 years.

Now pregnant women who require payment of the hospital after being fired.If a pregnant woman has left , the employer should not pay maternity benefits and pregnancy, care of the baby up to 1.5 years.Such a citizen may only resign on his own initiative or in connection with the termination of the company, but on their own employer has no right to interrupt the career of a pregnant employee.

employer is obliged to pay disability benefits, which occurred within 30 days from the date of dismissal, if a pregnant woman had a good reason for dismissal: Move, caring for close relatives, invalids of the first group.These reasons, it shall indicate in the statement of resignation.The procedure for calculation of benefits for pregnancy is standard, as in the Sick Pay after termination of employment.

The problem with many is that they not aware of their rights and the responsibilities of the employer .But you're no longer one of them.Be very careful with the laws, do not get sick and not to fire!

Payment hospital after dismissal