How to become a designer? Sometimes it happens that a person may be left without work.And nowhere else to settle down, as all have already taken, and you forgot to call.Well, sorry, but do not despair.There are plenty of professions that can learn on their own.Now, about the bread: how to become a designer , staying at home in your favorite chair and visiting lectures at the university?

First you need to decide what kind of specialization you want to master.This can be a graphic, industrial and print design, packaging design, styling, web design, advertising design ... I think you have a direction for themselves choose.Some sub-sector is one section, for example, packaging design - is an offshoot of industrial design.

The first thing you need to become a designer - it curriculum , which was approved by the Ministry of Education.Find technique is very difficult, but the one who seeks his always achieve.With the manuals easier to find books for courses and you can allocate their time for training, because there is painted the

number of hours for each subject.From the list is eliminate unnecessary discipline , such as history, foreign language, marketing, mathematics.I hope you understand what to study is not required.It is better to pay attention to psychology, because you have to communicate with customers, and computer design, because his technique is very often changes, so do not miss a novelty.Another tip: the history of advertising is very important for the study.

next step - search for relevant literature .If you have drawing skills, you should buy those books, which are intended for university students.If artistic practice not, acquire auxiliary literature, such as "How to learn to paint."Become a designer - is not only to master the computer graphics programs, but also to exercise great care over the drawing, because designer should be able to draw, though very well draw .It should buy some books on drawing and sign up for lessons to a specialist or local artists.And the most important advice - draw as much as possible.Next

of computer programs.You will definitely need to learn several programs for vector and raster graphics .And then podyschu for themselves such programs, which would correspond to the chosen specialty.Buy books that supposedly help you learn about the program, it is not necessary, because it is a waste of money and time and.It is better to download the video tutorials and practice.A good example and will bring greater results, and you'll quickly learn how to use the program.

students, referring to the training program .Some subjects can not be learned without a parallel study of related disciplines.It would be nice if you had attended courses at the university, because there you will be able to resolve some issues and get a crust of completion of courses on graphic design.The ride will cost about $ 500, but it's still less if you study 5-6 years in high school.And if we take into account the cost of private lessons and all collateral material: paint, paper, pencils, then everything will go $ 1000-2000.Agree, a year of hard work can bring more fruit than the activities at the University of absenteeism and Fail.

become a designer without personal desire is impossible, because you do not want to be called a designer, but really want them to be. wants to be the best - you have to constantly learn , because the design - a piece changeable, there are always new trends and requirements, and in particular the requirements of customers.

How to become a designer?