Managing a business career Many people can not live without in order not to build even a simple plan for the future.The plan is based on human needs and to the socio-economic conditions.Do you wish to improve their economic and social situation?Then you should pay attention to the management of the business career .

improve the situation - is to provoke a career that enables and social development, and stable financial position.Doing a job, you have to evaluate their training, as from its level will depend on the further development of your career.Carefully review the requirements of the company and then contrast the with their skills.Otsjudova and output - do not undertake the work that you can not handle.

to manage business career to be effective, it is necessary to accurately determine career goals.The purpose - it's not only the area of ​​your business, position and place on the ladder.It is just cause, through which you gain an incentive to move forward.It is very difficult to define for itself the goal, but the most im

portant thing - the post match your self-esteem, the ability to continuously train in their chosen field and the freedom to educate their children or do household chores.

Everywhere there are rules.Their presence - is no exception for a business career. Here are some of the most basic "iron" rules :

  1. Always choose a proactive and operational managers as unpromising a chief and you will fall asleep.
  2. develop, refill your store of knowledge.Get ready for the fact that you will take a better paying job.
  3. Plans or schedule for every day and for the week as a whole.Also, leave a place for hobbies and time to communicate with loved ones.
  4. Everything changes, as well as knowledge, plans, skills.It is important to grasp these changes, go with the flow, not against it.But do not get carried away, because the rapid development of the career (faster than peers) may not produce the expected result.Everything has to happen gradually.
  5. Any decisions in the field of career - is a compromise between reality and desire, between your specific interests and the interests of the company.
  6. Organization - is the labor market, but do not forget about the external labor market.
  7. dismiss only as a fully verify the necessity of this process.

Career Management begins with the moment when you were hired into the service ( first phase ).The head uses special techniques that include business and personal qualities.For example, the attitude to labor, knowledge, civic maturity, organizational skills, leadership ability, moral and ethical traits.Each category has its own nuances, and which draws the attention of the employer.

second stage - your personal development plan.This is the current position held and all subsequent positions that you will be able to take in the process of career development.This takes into account your quality as a person and a valuable employee, advantages and disadvantages, potential.

third stage - implementation of the development plan.This so-called coaching , which involves the rotation of posts, internships, self-development.We must constantly evaluate performance.You need not only to acquire new knowledge and skills, but also be able to use them in their work.Create for yourself some methods of control over the process.

Evaluation makes it clear how you cope with the work, whether additional training and courses.There is just determined is how you meet the position and whether it makes sense to work on. develop, grow in the field, working on new projects and increase their productivity .

Managing a business career