Artistry Title Artist , namely illustrator, is today one of the most popular, in fact it embodies the idea of ​​creatives and designers.From illustrators depends on the success of many magazines, newspapers, books and Internet sites, as the visual component plays a big role in people's perceptions of a particular material.

mainly representatives of the profession work in editorial, publishing, art agencies and design studios.In addition, the profession of illustrator involves the ability to use graphical editors on computers that greatly simplify workflow.

Illustrator must first be able to draw well from the hand , drawing, know the rules of composition and mixing of colors, to understand the different techniques and materials that can be used for work.It is also necessary to be able to do pretty quick sketches that clearly conveys the essence of the problem and will be worthy of displaying the final result.Be sure to be able to soberly count their forces, that is, to know exactly how much time will be spent

on this or that work.More will need to offer two completely different versions of the pictures, but their creation should not become a double work.A huge plus for the illustrator will be having its own clearly defined style.

As for the specifics of the work, the profession of illustrator has a very big advantage, which is the manifestation of creativity and provides an opportunity to express themselves.Negative points must first carry a large amount of time it will take to build a good portfolio to ensure that the employer could objectively assess the level.

From personal qualities will be useful perseverance, a good imagination and talent .Many professions artist may seem unpromising and low-paid, but it is not so.Many of those who begin with illustrations, are the leaders of creative groups, art directors and managers of artistic agencies.You can learn to be an artist in art schools and universities in arts and culture.

In addition, it is worth remembering about the artists whose activities are manifested in a classical form: painting paintings painted on canvas .There are a lot of artists, whose works are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars, regardless of style.However, it should be remembered that the success of such people depends largely on the ability to sell their paintings, but talent and ideas also play an important role.

One of the most famous contemporary Russian artists considered Nikas Safronov , working in the genre of portraiture.His paintings hang not only in the Russian galleries and private collections in Europe and America.It should be noted that the list of works of Nikas Safronov includes portraits of Sophia Loren, Pierre Richard, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Mike Tyson, and many other artists, athletes and politicians.

Still it should be noted that there is a profession of artist Technological , who is a specialist in technology design of concerts and other cultural events.This profession involves monitoring compliance embodiment pans lighting designers, costume and production designers.

Finally it is worth to say that the profession of the artist has much in common with the work of designers.However, the artists in the more pronounced the creative component.