Job counselor at Camp summer, many students want to find second jobs, but not all are satisfied with the position of a courier or a promoter.If you are a creative person and love children, you can come job counselor at the camp .

Actually, seek such work should start in the spring : it was at this time in most camps recruit counselors for the summer.Take not all in a row, the selection is often carried out as a kind of training in which the administration of the camp counselors could see the potential, so to speak, "in the case."

Preference is usually given to students of pedagogical universities, who need to undergo the practice.However, not all summer camps are extremely counselors, students, teachers, so even if you learn another profession, chances are you still have .

only inviolable requirement - age over 18 years , no one will allow you to work with children, if you are legally still a child yourself.However, some camp counselors recruit helpers from among the minor candidates.

in pedagogical high schools set in

formation into the camp counselors spread in advance, but if you are far from pedagogy, to produce "appearance and passwords" you have to yourself.You can ask friends of students of teacher training Universities to tell you about the sets counselors or to contact by phone camps and learn personally from representatives of the administration of one or another camp.

Sometimes camp administration puts jobs on job search , so it pays to post your resume on one or more sites.But do not wait until you are offered a job, - monitorte job yourself, or job counselor at the camp will get someone else.

If you are unable to find work in the camp before the opening of the season of rest in the camps, do not despair. Jobs counselors can be opened in the middle of summer : sometimes even recruited counselors refuse to work for personal reasons.It happens, for instance, that a person has decided to work two shifts, but after the first realized that a second just does not pull.In general, anything can happen, and someone's refusal - your chance to get a coveted job.

experience will be an important bonus in employment, however, even without the knowledge and experience vozhatskoy work to get to the camp is quite possible, the main thing - desire.Moreover, many of the camp before changing schools hold special workshops, where beginners learn the basics of working in the camp.However before work is desirable also to prepare yourself - the good, the Internet can find a lot of interesting games and descriptions of events.

Note that job counselor at the camp - it is a big responsibility .And not only as a moral educator of the younger generation, but also "physical".In the absence of their parents for the life and health of children the responsibility of you, and if with them that something will happen, to respond to you in the first place with a partner.But the detachment several dozens of children!Do not think that we are trying to intimidate you, simply by working with children, all the time you need to be alert.

to work in a children's camp counselor you will need undergo a medical examination and obtain a sanitary book .If you have no employment record, it too will have to make.Before the start of the change you will issue an employment contract.Also, most likely, you will need to sign a special document on the responsibility of the counselor.Before the change, you must be acquainted with the job description.

If you are going to camp, relax and even get money for it, you do not understand what a job counselor at the camp.You will long working hours.Counselors need to comply with many rules, for example, it is forbidden to smoke in the presence of children, to drink, to go beyond the camp in time.Naturally, necessary to comply with the rules of teaching ethics .

job counselor at a summer camp - is not only an opportunity to earn money, but also a source of very useful experience .But do not forget that this work is very difficult and very responsible.A job search should be addressed well in advance, because in the heat of summer to get a counselor at the camp will be much harder.

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