Equips home office If you work in an office, the employer provides you with workplace has the equipped with everything you need.But if you are a freelancer and work on itself, about the workplace you have to take care of yourself.You can, of course, work, lying on the couch with a laptop, but it's discouraging.So many freelancers organize home office .

Unfortunately, the size of the apartment are rarely allowed to take a home office is a separate room, so often in the role of the Home Office acts as a freelancer of the room with a desk and all the necessary for .

is advisable to choose a place where you will not be disturbed.For example, if you are used to working at night, the home office in the living room where the whole family gathers in the evening to watch your favorite TV shows, will not be the best choice.If possible, you can separate home office from the rest of the screen space, or drapes .

Usually «heart» Home Office - a computer desk (if you are, of course, working on the computer).Now manufacturers offe

r a lot of furniture computer tables, which are called - "home office."Typically, these tables are the most compact but very roomy: the numerous shelves and drawers allow to put all that you may need to work at arms length.

shape and size of the table will depend on how much space you can dedicate to the home office. If the area of ​​the room is not too big, a good solution would be a corner table .Putting a table so need to have always been a good source of light (by the way, to work all day with artificial lighting is not desirable, so it would be good to put a table near the window).

problem some freelancers that are cluttering up your desktop with unnecessary things. Try as much as possible to separate your home office from the rest of the apartment, do not clutter it .The abundance of trinkets negates the working mood.Let your home office will be just what you need for yourself.

The same applies to your computer (laptop) .The abundance of games and entertainment programs will distract you from your work, so let the desktop shortcuts are only those applications that you need directly to your business.

What if in your absence, your work computer used by other family members?Features modern operating systems allow you to create multiple user accounts.Create your own individual uchetku , which you will only be used for work, with a corresponding set of programs.

way, some freelancers even dress up specially to work in the home office , to tune in a working mood.They replace house clothes to more rigorous.Of course, not necessarily wear a three-piece suit and tie, but even in jeans and shirt is easier to get together and to get to work than in sports pants and an old T-shirt.Perhaps, of course, that it is on your productivity choice of clothing has no effect, but some such stimulus is needed.

not clutter the home office - not to make it very very austere. your workplace should be convenient and comfortable .Allow yourself to fork out for a comfortable chair, a good mouse and keyboard, you can purchase all the necessary stationery, books, office equipment.Work should be fun, so do not artificially limit yourself and drive into the framework.

Home Office - a good solution for freelancers and remote workers.Paradoxically, the fact is that working from home, we often spend more time at work than sitting in the office, because we can not properly organize the workflow.Home Office Equipment help increase productivity and save you a lot of time .

Equips home office