How to work in a team Teamwork is highly valued, as you - link in the chain, which guarantees the organization refined tactics and established mechanism of action.But we need to think about, how to work in a team , to achieve maximum results and 100% efficiency.

important to know that all duties will be distributed in a team, so you are out on a specific function, you need to perform perfectly.People will complement each other, creating a balanced team in which everyone will do what is best able to do, and skills deficiencies will be compensated colleagues.Excellent team work - is one of the duties of managers .For example, if you metite in place control, you should be part of the team, not just stand out in the lead.Make decisions also need all together, or hasty conclusions may suffer irreparable losses and negative consequences.

Your professional activity will be associated with the competition, so in emergency situations should be manifest your tolerance .You must avoid all conflicts.But in some cases you have to show

toughness and firmness in decision-making.For example, not everyone can boast of teamwork success, if the firm is aggressive.To do so would be to conflict, in order to achieve the desired result.And your tolerance and tolerance of your employees is not useful, because the priority is human aggression and conflict.

So, how to work in a team?What are the main principles of operation of the command units?You should be able to include:

  • quickly adapt to the new team and to do their job, not a loose general rate;
  • establish constructive conversation with each member of the team with any stranger;
  • convince colleagues of the correctness of your decision, confirming their thoughts weighty arguments;
  • must learn to admit their mistakes and take into account the views of colleagues;
  • delegate authority;
  • you should be able to manage both, and submit (depending on what the task in front of you);
  • learn to control their impulses and ambitions towards colleagues;
  • not leave their employees are in trouble, and always provides professional assistance;
  • not refer to personal likes and dislikes, as this should not affect the decision-making process.

feature of teamwork depends on the characteristics of the company.There Russian and Western management , which determines the type of the company.For example, overseas large amount of time given to team building, the so-called team building.But the peculiarity of the Russian management - tough competition, intrigue and cunning among employees.

work in a team without a leader does not.This person must make the right decisions, referring to the wishes of the team.His actions should not be spontaneous, but thoughtful and accurate solutions lead the whole team to success.When solving the problem of a possible twofold need to choose the one that would bring more advantages teamwork than minuses.If the person appointed to the post of leader, to cope with this, it can be a great leader in the future.The team will work more efficiently in harsh conditions, and an employee who will feel the support of colleagues to become more resistant to stress and unpleasant situations.The team should work with other departments, such as accounting.

important to determine for themselves the way in which you are a player : command or a loner.Then you will be able to find a suitable job that will open and adopt the title of your professional and personal qualities will improve.If you are in a team where the priority of a team game, you have to change and realize himself as a team player, because they are not born but are in the process of socialization.

How to work in a team