How to start business contacts in business without connections anywhere - they are an important part of the success of any self-respecting businessman.In today's world there are so many opportunities for business linkages (not least thanks to information technology), the main thing - to be able to use them.How to establish and maintain business contacts ?

important to remember that you can not "switch to the establishment of business relations", it is necessary to be always. Every second, remember that all the people around are your potential business connections .Sometimes a coincidence turns very useful contacts.Of course, this does not mean that you should immediately elicit each new friend the whole story.Just be friendly and sociable - often this is enough.

Remember the old advertising slogan "Image - nothing, thirst - all"?So, if you remember - forget.Image of business people is essential to establish business contacts.You can find useful man at a party, or even in line at the clinic - all in life happens.And be foolish to miss the chance because you are at that moment did not look too neat .We are not saying that you need to walk in a business suit 24/7.Just take care of yourself - a banal grooming and accuracy may render you good service, because meet on clothes.

However, the appearance makes a first impression, continued success depends on your communication skills business communication and personal qualities .So be prepared for the fact that some time will have to spend on the mutual rassharkivaniya and talk about the weather.Be polite and open.

Smile - smile opens many doors .Here are just a fake smile stretched unlikely to help you establish business contacts.Try to make it a sincere (and sincere smile, as we know, not only is visible on the lips, but also in the eyes).

What more like people in the interlocutor? sincerity, self-confidence (not to be confused with self-confidence), the absence of fear to express their point of view (of course, in the correct form, no it is not imposing).

In an effort to make useful business contacts, it is important not to overdo it: not need to openly demonstrate the desire to receive the benefits of the human .Do not try to take the "bull by the horns": even if the person understands what you're really talking to him, it does not mean you have to go straight to the point.It's like in a relationship even if both of them know that the meeting will end with sex, it's not a reason to go directly to the "main course", avoiding cinema / restaurant / walk under the stars.

Having her, in any case, do not interrupt the conversation abruptly : your partner may feel used, and you will lose new business contacts, without having to start it.The conversation would end up on a positive note, let the other person understand that you have been pleased to communicate with him.

But few make business contacts - you also need to maintain them.Why collect potentially useful telephone numbers of people, and then not use them? sure Organize contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, and so on. F.), And always keep it handy.Do not rely on a small - they tend to get lost, for secure transfer contacts to your cell phone or your computer (or better, and there and there).

People give birth to business contacts for mutual benefit. So be prepared to not only receive care but also provide its .This way you express your gratitude and do not give your stall fruitful cooperation.Keep in touch even if you do not need anything from these people at this stage, from time to time contact with them to find out how they are doing.Just do not do this too often, so as not to seem intrusive.

Business contacts - one of the keys to the success of your business.So do not neglect forging links : you never know what can turn this or that acquaintance, and better to take a chance than to miss it.

How to start business contacts