How to dismiss a person Dismissal of an employee - the procedure is very complicated and very unpleasant.You have to be very careful and cautious, knowing, how to fire a person correctly without unpleasant consequences for both sides.Careful tactful dismissal - the success of the company and the opportunity not to ruin the reputation of the employee and the employer.

why employers have to worry about how to dismiss a person ?The fact that the laid-off workers is the bearer of important information about the company, which no longer need his services.If a worker goes to a competitor - it is important that he respected the previous company, where he worked.If the employer does not take care of a decent respect to the terminated employee, the consequences can be terrible until the disclosure of valuable information to competitors.

There are several points on which you can dismiss an employee :

  • resignations;
  • dismissal on attestation results showing the level of training;
  • dismissal on the grounds of gross violation of labo
    r discipline;
  • dismissal because neglect and violation of labor discipline.

Each of these items should be prepared pre-assembled documentation, which indicates the existence of violations and inconsistencies business requirements.How would this treacherous sounds, before the decision to dismiss a person to collect on his so-called "dirt", which will be easy to operate, explaining the man why he was fired.There is no need to rely on the opinions of employees as the leading cause of dismissal. necessary to pay attention to such things :

  • neglect of duty;
  • poor training;
  • poor performance appraisal;
  • appearance of personnel in the workplace intoxicated;
  • disruption of work;
  • a negative attitude to work;
  • attempt to share confidential information with competitors;
  • unreasonable absenteeism;
  • embezzlement or theft of property of the enterprise;
  • failure to comply with safety regulations.

In all these cases, be aware that charges for the employee at least one of these items require a written confirmation of his guilt.In addition, the employee before making accusations, make sure that he is familiar with the rules of work in the enterprise. pobespokoytes that each moment was verbalized by the employee with , not with colleagues.

decent employer must offer the employee whose dismissal is considered less prestigious place in the enterprise.If an employee is working all the time to wear, but suddenly blocked the certification - give him another opportunity to pass certification .

If the employee does not agree with the charges against him, he can sue.In this case, you should pay particular attention to collect the necessary documentation ,.If the court will take the side of the plaintiff (worker), he may be returned for a trial period in your same company.Why do you need a staff member who in any way you are not satisfied?Thus, it is better to prepare in advance for a peaceful parting with the worker. you need to know how to fire a person painlessly for you, your company and, in fact, the worker .

How to dismiss a person