Technology self When a person gains experience, he becomes more enlightened, he is developing and growing intellectually.Many self technology associated with tedious tasks, and a long time of sitting for the textbooks.

aware that the process of self-education does not require large cash expenditures , but the information can be used to make a profit, and practice in the sphere in which you have decided to develop.While you can choose a new profession and start hard to deal with.It will be very exciting and useful, as you will become a qualified technician.

As already mentioned, to sit for hours on the books, no one will, which is why the technology of self-education is very popular.

training necessary to limit one condition: have not been studied until the end, do not give up training .This will be your incentive, when a little podnadoest absorb information.Make a detailed plan of its activities, which do not need to break.If you stop learning, then it can become a barrier to re-self-learning.

Now, the application of knowledge. determine for themselves the scope of where you will be able to use this knowledge .If there is no such possibility, the acquired knowledge quickly evaporate, so the practice - the key to successful development and growth.For example, if you bought a car, it would be helpful to understand how it works in the structure as it can be useful in the future.

With what are you going to get the necessary knowledge ?Textbooks and a variety of benefits can be purchased at any specialized shop, since the question of their presence is not as acute as before.Textbooks are very common on the Internet, so you can download any book without any problems.Do not forget about the library, where a lot of both the theoretical and practical printed material.City library is available for free, paying only the cost of a library card.There is also a paid library where literature and more, and some publications are generally rare.There are also private libraries, of which there are very few.In such places are available for reading required literature;the purpose of the private library - promoting reading among the students, as well as those willing to self-development.But

possible to improve technology self buying tablet PC or e-book reader .E-book reader - a device for reading books that are downloaded in a particular format.What good are these devices?They are highly mobile: light, thin, and they correspond to the size of a normal book.The amount of memory devices is very high, which allows to carry dozens or even hundreds of books.Almost all the books you can download free.

Read, learn, practice .One theme is desirable to fix a past workshops, because you and apply knowledge, and see how everything works.You can consult with experts and ask them to help if need be.Personal development will be more effective if some new activity can be linked to the previous one.There are two plus: you'll be working with some initial base and the foundation will be supported by new developments.

Well, you got skills in a new field.What next ?And then what you should not stagnate, and all the time looking for new ideas for solutions to old problems.Innovations, new products, personal strategy - it's something that will help you to practice, develop, grow as a professional.Do the topics on which you are working, current and future.Do not forget about self-discipline, since its presence in the process of self-development - is a big plus to everything, what you are trying to achieve.

Technology self