Fire safety in the office safety of workers in the office - is the primary task of any manager.Experts have concluded that the problem of ensuring security and fire safety systems has become particularly relevant, since increased the number of cases of fires in offices.Land of the Soviets will tell you how to be organized fire safety office .

To ensure safe operation of the employees in the office, room must meet all the requirements of fire safety .On the organization of all the necessary equipment must reflect the firm's management.A start is a fire alarm.

Fire alarm in the office will help employees understand what the room there was a fire or emitting smoke .To ensure that the fire alarm should be installed special sensors, which will be triggered by the appearance of smoke in the room.There are also models that are triggered even before the fire, since they react to temperature changes in the room.Hazard employees can try to eliminate the problem, for example, if a short-circuited electric or immediately leave the premis

es when the fire has already started.

By the way, there are sensors that provide immediate putting out the fire with water or foam .Naturally, these sensors are much more expensive, but they do the job office staff safe.

Fire safety in the office is complete without fire extinguishers .Fire extinguishers in the offices should be located in prominent places.Also to be correctly equipped place where the fire extinguisher is kept.On fire extinguisher should not be exposed to direct sunlight.Also, a fire extinguisher must be protected from any adverse factors and mechanical influences, such as vibration, humidity.All office staff should know how to use a fire extinguisher.To do this one has to be familiar with the operation of fire extinguishers.

And now more about, how much should be in the office fire extinguishers .You will need to use such a rule for calculating the number of fire extinguishers.If the total area of ​​the office does not exceed 100 m², at the office only one fire extinguisher.If the office space more than 100 m², the number of fire extinguishers must increase.

In offices where there are office equipment, use powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. is recommended every two years to check the weight of the extinguisher charge .A fire extinguisher should refill every five years.

What other fire safety measures in the office you can take? Mandatory evacuation plan employees , which will be recommended by the arrows shown the way out, and marked all the emergency exits (including through the windows, if any), the location of fire extinguishers, emergency telephones, etc. D. Fire Safety Plan shouldhang in a prominent place.If you hang up an evacuation plan for one section or floor of a building, the size of the plan should be at least 600x400 mm.And the size of the premises for local evacuation plan should be 400h300 mm.

Each office should be appointed in charge of fire safety .This is usually the head of the department.But it is worth considering that the responsibility for fire safety must obtain a special certificate that proves the passage of PTM (fire-technical minimum).

also important that everyone in the office was aware of the fire safety measures, and read the instructions on the procedure for personnel during a fire .The fact that employees are familiar with the rules of action during a fire shall be recorded in a special log fire instruction.

Follow all precautions , to avoid dangerous situations.Remember that the right of fire safety in the office to save the lives of your employees.

Fire safety in the office