Occupation hairdresser ¬ęprestigious" professions such as economists and lawyers are gradually giving way to popular professions working character, in fact professionals with college education today is not enough.For example, one of the sought-after professions today is profession hairdresser .About that, what are the characteristics of the profession and where to get it, tell the Soviet Union.

Today profession of hairdresser is a popular , because the performance of services such as haircuts, zavivok, hair styling hair, creating simple and complex hairstyles, coloring, hair extensions and lamination always in demand.

Usually hairdressers are divided into male and female masters , hairdressers often can specialize and only children's haircuts.Hairdressers that work equally well with the masculine and feminine, and children's haircuts, called generalist masters or masters generalists.

With the advent of increasingly sophisticated techniques in creating hairstyles barbers division became even more fractional.For example, s

pecialists in coloring called hairdressers, colorists, and experts in a variety of weaving braids - hairdresser breyderami.

Where can I get a barber profession? Many secondary special educational institutions offer training within the profession hairdresser getting college education.There are also all kinds of courses, both public and private.In addition, in some countries such a specialty as a hairdresser are presented in the universities.

Tuition barber profession can be different. As a rule, included in the cost of a direct lectures by experts, but all the necessary materials and tools of the future have to stock up on their own hairdressers.However, there are options when providing everything needed for training takes the school.

What tools and materials needed for learning hairdressing? easiest set of tools for hairdressers includes several types of combs (combs, brushes, "tails"), straight and thinning scissors, hair clips, hair clipper.Also, the future will definitely need a barber clippers negligee (cloak that covers the client), a special apron with pockets.

barber always find work in a beauty salon , but often hairdressers are private entrepreneurs and work "on themselves."It is quite profitable, especially in the season of weddings and graduation balls when skilled craftsmen just snapped, is not it difficult to find "their" barber.

At the barber profession many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.The fact that the work is physically barber is very exhausting: 8-12 have to spend hours standing on their feet, breathing the fumes of chemical dyes and styling, while in the constant noise from the fen, elektrosushek and so on. D. Duewith this, there are a lot of hairdressers specific to the profession of diseases: varicose veins, arthritis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic dermatitis, sciatica, low back pain, and others. In order to avoid such diseases , you must strictly follow the rules of labor hygiene, sanitation facilities on a regular basis in the barbershop.

Occupation hairdresser