Frequently asked questions during the interview To successfully pass an interview to the desired position, it is necessary to prepare for it.Of course, you can never be 100% sure what awaits you at the interview, but most recruiters prefer to use a standard list of questions.Here are the frequently asked questions on interview for a job.

Initially recruiter may ask you for information provided in your resume .This does not mean that he did not read it.Such questions - a kind of test: the recruiter wants to make sure the reliability of stated in your resume information.So when the resume be honest to the interview you are not caught in the embellishment of the facts.

Pay attention to the wording of the question: it so happens that recruiter change wording of the question, but its essence remains the same .So if you wrote in a summary of their punctuality, and in the interview admitted that occasionally late, it obviously will not go in your favor.

Also, you can ask about, why you want to work in this company .Therefore, before the interview be s

ure to collect information about the place where you are going to get a job: check the official website of the company, if any, study other sources of information (search engines to help you).Recruiters are likely to be pleased if you do not get rid platitudes and show their awareness.

after your story about what you are attracted to this is the company and what it can give you, you can ask about and what you can give us: «Why should we hire you exactly?» .Or simply asked to talk about their strengths.

In answering this question, do not rush in paints to paint all the advantages .Of course, the employer wants to know about them, but the answer to this question is also a lot of talk about your self-esteem and self-criticism.No need to cry poverty, but overpraise itself is not necessary.

Avoid superlatives: greater specific facts, less judgmental. advisable not to talk about your skills and achievements in general, and reinforce them with examples : Let say about you of your accomplishments.If you have a portfolio of work, grab it.However, it is not necessary to introduce a recruiter with all the works, show the most successful.

way, frequently asked questions during the interview include questions not only on the merits, but also on the shortcomings of the applicant .We have already told how to answer such questions briefly repeat the essence: do not lie, but crystalline honesty, too, is not welcome.Try to turn disadvantages into advantages, and if it is not impossible - let them know that you are working on them, and your imperfections will not be obstacle to effective work.

also frequently asked questions during the interview concerned previous job : What were your responsibilities, what were your relationships with your colleagues what you have learned while working in a previous Finally, why did you leave your last job.Answering these questions, do not lie, because all the information can easily be verified, but the truth must be properly apply.

Try to be as less emotional and select neutral language responses .If you throw mud at a previous employer, it is unlikely to enjoy the potential employer, he may assume that you can in the future as well and to respond to it.Evades the answer is not worth it: secrecy suspicious.Read more about how to respond to such a sensitive issue, we are told in one of our articles.

What questions can not answer during the interview? Feel free to refuse to answer personal questions such as marital status, presence of children, and so on. N. By law, the employer has no right to deny you a job because of your marital status, presence or absence of children and other causes unrelatedyour professional qualities.

Of course, it's not all the issues that you may encounter during the interview, but we have listed the most common.Knowing, how to answer questions at the interview , you can honorably pass this difficult test and obtain a desired job.

Frequently asked questions during the interview