What to do after the interview It would seem that after the interview for a job, you can breathe easy.But as long as you do not know the results, you will most likely be on pins and needles."Why do not they write or call?Maybe I have not approached them?Or you forget about me?Or? .. "Is it the first call to the employer?Or it is necessary to wait patiently?About that, how to behave after the interview , tells the Soviet Union.

If a potential employer not refuse you right at the interview (or did not say immediately what you come to it), it should tell you how and in what time frame it will inform you of its decision .If he did not tell you this, do not hesitate to check with him when the result is known.Also agreed, someone who will call after the allotted period of time.

Sometimes the employer will not ring after the first interview intentionally. This kind of check candidate : if he does not call himself, so it is not so and is interested in the work.However, one can never know for sure whether or not the employer has chosen this

tactic, or does not call for any other reason (can not call incorrectly entered your phone number and so on. N.).

So, call the employer after the interview ?Before the expiry of the stipulated period - no, let the employer while, which you have agreed.If you rush it, it is unlikely to be more favorable to you.So call only if the employer does not call you back when promised.

may find that the employer had not yet had time to make a decision. In this case, during a conversation should appoint a new term , instead of the employer to call every day and annoy him with his persistence and impatience.If the final deadline postponed several times, think: if you need this work?

If during the interviews you do not agree on the timing of the final decision, you have to call the employer after the interview .Do not call the next day: the decision is unlikely to be adopted so quickly.But do not delay, and the other candidate will overtake you.Usually the decision to the employer requires from a few days to a week, so it is best to call back three days to four.

Sometimes recruiters tell applicants about the results on the following principle: if successful, they call the candidates, and in case of failure - write e soil. So after the interview do not forget to regularly check your e-mail, including the folder "SpamĀ» .It so happens that on employment also reported via email.You do not want to lose the place just because of the fact that you forgot to check your email?

common practice in the West writing thank-you notes to potential employers following interviews .We may find this letter sycophancy, but if you're satisfied with the company, the corporate culture is close to the west, it is possible to write such a letter.There is nothing wrong to thank the employer for what he has given you their time.

If you decide to write such a letter, it should be done within a few days after the interview, the employer is you still remember .Be concise and keep, do not need to be too emotional, but underlined the dryness is unlikely to be appropriate.If you wish, you can mention in the letter what you forgot to say at the interview, but do not turn it into a clone of the summary and praise yourself.Thanks to employer, try to avoid outright flattery.

Before sending a letter be sure to check for errors and typos, pay special attention to the correct spelling of the name and position of the recipient .It is not necessary to write "impersonal" letter: you do to deal with this man personally and had to remember his name.If you know that your memory for names you leads, during the interview, ask a business card.

So, the answer to the question "What to do after the interview?" Is simple enough: patience .Give the employer time to think, and only call upon its expiry.Do not be intrusive, but at the same time do not be afraid of the first contact with the employer, if the need arises.

What to do after the interview