How to pass an interview accountant? If you want to get a job as an accountant, then you most likely will need to pass an interview.Depending on the direction in which it is a company you decide to go to work, interviewing accountants can be single or multi-layered.About that, how to pass an interview accountant , tells the Soviet Union.

Applicants for the post of accountant in small firms, as a rule, are only interview with the chief accountant , where it appears the level of professional knowledge and skills of the applicant.In rare cases, this interview is supplemented by further conversation with the director of the company, but such talk is usually only a formality.

If a vacancy opened accountant in a large company, the applicant is likely to expect multistage interview .First you need to communicate with a representative of the personnel department of the company.Such a meeting would be of a general, exploratory in nature.Further, the applicant will need to meet directly with the future leader - in this case, the chief accountan

t of the company.In conclusion, the applicant will be meeting with the director of the company.

During each of the meetings applicant for the position of accountant can expect a variety of tests, exercises .For example, an accountant often offered tests for IQ, attention tests, professional tests.Also during the interview, the accountant may be offered some of the tasks for which the applicant must apply their professional knowledge and skills.

Among the most common problems during the interview accountant features such as "Performance Evaluation", "Looking from the outside", "outsider."Here are the main features of these objectives.

«performance assessment» - a task in which the applicant is invited to review the existing accountant in a certain situation.How the applicant will cope with this task, tell the interviewer whether the applicant is able to solve the real problems that may arise during the operation of the company.

The problem «Looking from the outside» applicant have to tell the interviewer about their duties in the last place of work, as well as the responsibilities of the former leader.This will let you know what is the level of competence of the applicant to the post of accountant, to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

task "outsider» is that the applicant is offered a simple and understandable language to tell a man, a complete stranger to accounting, that also is a work of an accountant.In addition, the applicant will be how to explain their responsibilities, the interviewer to draw conclusions about the depth of professional knowledge of the applicant.

interview accountant easy to go to the applicant, which is really a good specialist, has extensive experience, is able to find solutions in unusual situations.However, all the positive qualities of the applicant for the position of accountant can be negated by its high conflict, inability to act, slovenliness.Not in favor of accountants play and numerous layoffs that may especially alert the employer if they fall at the end of the next reporting period ...

interview for any position, including the post of accountant - a very important stage job search .To a large extent it depends on the interview, whether adopted candidate for a particular vacant post.Therefore it is very important to be well prepared for any issues that may be at the interview to ask the interviewer.And it is important to be confident in their abilities - then all will certainly succeed!

How to pass an interview accountant?