How to apply for seasonal work in Finland or Poland - work on the collection strawberries C the onset of spring and summer there are more and more willing not just to earn money during the summer, but also spend time in nature.

As an option - start collecting strawberry plantations in Poland and Finland, where the working season starts in May, when there is planting young plants, and ends with clearing and preparing the plantation for the winter in September.

himself picking strawberries on average spent one summer month - July.And in a short time on the plantations alone Finland employs about five thousand people!

On average, they have a salary of about 800-1400 euros per month.In order to apply for this type of work, you need to know not only what it is, but also how to prepare all the necessary documents.Finland, for example, happy to accept foreigners (Russians the same) for seasonal work on the collection strawberries.

And I must say that reviews such work receives exceptionally good.So, this work may take up to three months.In Finland and Poland a lot of planting strawberries, but

sorely lacking workers.First of all those who can and want to work all the time, but because anyone who wishes to help these countries will be very happy.

to go on picking strawberries, do not need to know, ideally, Finnish or Polish languages ​​(you can not know), a residence permit in a foreign country is also not required.The most important thing - it's your desire, stamina and a strong back.Otherwise, you will suffer more than in the kind of work and not enjoy it.


First of all, we must engage in issuing the visa.Without it, unfortunately, picking strawberries in Finland if Poland did not do.Making the document should start early.Best of all - three months before the start of the season.To apply for a visa, you need to seek a job offer from the Polish and Finnish.

This invitation everyone can get himself turned into one of the plurality of strawberry plantations, finding their sites on the Internet.It should also do without intermediaries - all you need to do on their own, so firmly and correctly.

How to apply for seasonal work in Finland or Poland - work on the collection strawberries

Especially because, for example, the Finnish Embassy has warned that the seasonal worker can only apply himself, not a third party.The only "but" - the proposal of the Finnish and Polish companies are likely to be in the Finnish and Polish respectively.


So, another important information that you should know, it's about your work schedule while collecting strawberries. Many people think that it is a form of relaxation, combined with a pleasant work.In part, it is.Usually working day begins at six and lasts eight hours.Of course, there is a lunch break.Under the contract the employer may provide you with accommodation and meals.It is negotiated separately.

money you will receive for the amount collected or berries, or for the number of hours spent at work.In the first case, it seems that you can earn more, but this is not always the case, as did the work monotonous and time-consuming.It is also necessary to remember that the work will take place in the open air, it would be useful to everyone.

And with good and sunny weather to collect strawberries - a pleasure.So, if you're determined to spend your summer holidays for the benefit of their health and wallet - safely start to collect documents to travel to Poland or Finland.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko