Occupation: barista

In the bustle of the working day is sometimes very nice to take a break and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee, and yet some people are just preparing the drink made their profession.When the bright minds come up with machines to brew coffee, and took people who know how to use these machines.And because coffee - a drink almost magical, very soon it became apparent that the ability to push the buttons is not enough.This is how the barista profession.

This specialty comes from the Italian and literally means a person working behind the bar, in other words duties bartender.Gradually, European culture "cup of coffee" take root in our country, in the same Italian cup of coffee at the bar can become a good reason to leave the house.

However, unlike the usual bartender, we mainly engaged in alcoholic beverages, especially busy barista making coffee, especially espresso coffee and coffee-based drinks.His responsibilities include the right to cook coffee, and know all about the coffees and the conditions of s

torage, the rules of blending - blending coffees.

Occupation barista something similar, on the ability to teach his drink, with the professionalism of a sommelier.However, the true art of the barista - a beautiful lodge miracle drink.Drawings, which creates a barista, live only a few minutes, but they have appeal of these masterpieces.Enjoying the taste of coffee combined with aesthetic pleasure.

responsibilities and talents, which should have a barista

the first place is a vast knowledge about the product - coffee and its preparation technology.A professional of his craft well-versed in the varieties of coffee, distinguished flavors, has information about the country's growth, recognize the extent and method of roasting, and what qualities will have prepared beverage.

Every baristas should be able to cook for at least 40 varieties of coffee drinks, including familiar cappuccino, latte, ristretto and so on. Also, the barista should know the degree of tamping and quantity of coffee for a particular drink, to determine the pressure in the unit, the requiredwater temperature and cooking time.

Occupation: barista

His responsibilities include routine maintenance of the coffee machine: filter change, cleaning.The second quality is inseparable from the first barista - creativity and skills in creating unique designs on coffee foam in the cup.Each has its own pros stroke or composition.At the barista creates a pattern based on traditional recipes own original drink.

great importance is the vessel in which the beverage is presented, it can also create a mood and complete creative composition barista.In many ways, the income of the coffee places depends on the skills of the master with the unusual name barista.The presentation of each drink - this little show in front of the client, each barista certainly tell: what taste you expect and how best to enjoy a cup of drink.

Certainly will ask visitors to cafes on their personal preferences and offer new products.Barista must be able to listen to customers and to be extremely polite, patient and friendly.When a man goes out to drink at your favorite bar, the usual cup of fragrant drink, he often craves communication, and not only with friends, but also with the barista - the owner or employee of the institution.

After watching the virtuosic work barista can make a joke, to complain about life, or discuss the latest news.Recently, the barista can learn specialized courses, but really the skill comes with experience.Around the world, competitions, festivals and master classes where professionals share barista skills and secrets of his skill.In conclusion I want to note that to master this unique profession can not everyone, but only the one with the word "coffee" break out of the eye.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko