The girl at the bar: the bartender profession

Girls, bartenders are still perceived with surprise visitors.This is most likely due to the fact that female representatives rarely found in this area.This is due to the complexity of the work, both moral and physical.

After working bartender - it is not only the main, visible part of all that is mixing drinks, and standing on his feet, and during the entire shift, listening is not always appropriate and a lot of customers not to notice a regular visitor to the bar.Most often, the bartenders are young people, students who want to earn their free time.

Only elected and not indifferent to this skill people linger there long.If you suddenly see a bartender behind the bar at the age of 30, you know - you are lucky and it is unlikely such a man is not master of his craft.

Girls, bartenders often come when at the bar, then become true aces in this craft.Because to them beforehand bias, men think that their scope and are not eager to share a well-deserved territory.Such competition can be called natural s

election that the better - leaving only talented and workable representative.

to the bartender, both girls and boys, to meet a series of requirements, including:

  • good memory and attentiveness
  • Sociability
  • adequate, clear and competent speech
  • Artistry
  • Stress resistance
  • Patience
  • Physical endurance

The girl at the bar: the bartender profession

What it takes to be a bartender

good memory need to memorize the ingredients and recipes of a sufficiently large number of drinks.Memory and care is needed and when dealing with customers.For constant client would be pleased if the bartender will remember his favorite drink or the ratio of the ingredients in a cocktail.Also, clients often share personal information, attention to such details can help keep the conversation going, because the bartender is not just a "machine for the production of drinking," and in a sense the psychologist.

Sociability necessary because the bartenders interact with different categories of people who, by the way, is not always pleasant and nice, some people believe the staff of lower rank.For a girl, the bartender it can be a particular problem, since most of the customers of the bar or club drinking and can be intrusive in its communication, often using profanity.You have to be ready for it and try to solve any problem by using a sense of humor and charm, in extreme cases - security guard places.

adequate, clear and competent speech associated with the same necessity of proper communication.When selecting employees, many managers pay special attention to this point, because the bartender is the face of the institution.Also, this indicator can determine many characteristics of a prospective employee, from the level of education to the propensity to theft.

bartender may be the highlight of the places , and artistic bartender - a real find for any bar.Often even arrange special barman show, where you can show in full their bright quality, and earn big tips.

The need for a high level of resistance to stress related to communication with a large number of people, because it can be both a plus of this work, and a minus.

Patience in bartender needed.His strength test starts with the very basics of knowledge of the profession, because we rarely specifically for this study master the skills of this craft, so I have to go the hard way from an assistant bartender to this master of this case.Barman is considered a professional no earlier than one year after the start of the work, then you can already engage in improving their skills and participation in various competitions.Girl bartender should also be ready to discrimination, both from clients and colleagues.Here only patience and a high level of his work will help to deal with it.

Physical endurance often the weakest female bartenders.Change bartender is about 10 hours, all the time you need to spend on your feet, which in itself is difficult.Often you need to carry kegs of beer and boxes of drinks, but the issue can always be solved with the leadership and colleagues.

Occupation bartender attractive its advantages and disadvantages to easily handle that prove successful female bartenders who have reached these heights in this business and they are not few.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko