How to find a job

search of work, especially if the applicant without experience and professional education - a long and grueling process, which is complicated by the fact that in recent years can easily become a victim of fraud.

There are many tricks that are used as a relatively harmless companies and outright scams.Let's see how to identify scams when looking for work, not to spend their own time, money and nerves.

direct sales and network companies

If you are looking for a job, you probably faced with offers to work in network companies, or trade in direct selling.In fact, these companies are scams, but they are often your ads are cunning.As a rule, they are declared as follows: looking for self-motivated, communicative people, education, and age does not matter, a great income (here the figures may differ substantially depending on the region), the schedule is free.

In this case, you can be ninety percent sure that you are offered a business network or direct sales.There is another option.Published positions

courier, sales assistant, office manager without specifying the company, when you come to "interview", you say you need to go to offices / universities / shops / apartments and offer books / optics / knives / technique and so on.

In some cases you may be asked to deposit a certain sum which is 50-100 dollars or more - to open the site, the purchase of teaching literature and so on.Unfortunately, these are difficult to detect cheaters, just read the text ads, as well as respectable company can not specify the details.

calls and SMS messages to premium numbers

One of the most popular types of fraud in recent years has been the use of vacancy announcements as contacts toll numbers.It may be short numbers for SMS or calls.Identify cheaters in this case is quite simple - numbers of mobile operators with a high price to pay for every second of the conversation differ from the usual code of the first three digits.

So if in your area there is the mobile operator with the code, for example, "060", then most likely, calls to this number are paid.To be safe, you can drive a number of search engines and find what the operator belongs, just as you can learn the cost of an SMS.

Easy work at home

That's how most of the ads begin assembling pens, envelopes, pasting, typing, and the like.The peculiarity of this kind of deception is that the first letters promise you a good extra income for a simple job, which, by and large, even a child will cope.

However, when you accept this, you are told that you need to send a certain amount (usually up to 10 dollars) for the purchase of materials / confidence in the integrity / postage and so on.After sending the money may be two options: you can actually send some materials and the gap after your performance, or disappear from the horizon once.

This is only the most common types of fraud when searching for work.In fact, there are many more.For some, apparently quite respectable companies, do not disdain to take students or people on probation for one or two months without pay and then dismissed with the words, "You do not come to us."

Employment agencies promise to help find work for a fee and give the number of non-existent companies, and so on, the options are many.Therefore, you should carefully examine all the available information about the employer, if possible, to document labor relations and carefully read the contract, which is signed.In addition, if the employer asks you money, promising huge income - is almost always a hoax.Remember that money can not be obtained simply and always objectively assess the situation, then you will be very difficult to cheat.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko