How to find a job student

Sooner or later, in front of many students is a problem of employment.At first glance, the student to find a job is quite simple, but it is not.Firstly, it should not seriously interfere with the learning process, and secondly, it is desirable (but not required) to work somehow was connected with the profession that you master the thirdly, working conditions must be worthy.From this we can deduce a few basic parameters, which must match your site's future work:

• Flexible - part-time work in shifts or in mode 2 by 2, and the like.

• Gay guide to working students

• The company is known or inspires confidence

• There is a possibility of further career after graduation - relevant in cases when you are satisfied with the profession.

Now a lot of companies are willing to take students on a part time summer or part-time, but not all of them fit these parameters.Just recommend to drop ads that promise big money at work "only a few hours a day," it's probably a scam.Also, do not try to get a job in th

ose places where take all indiscriminately, and the interview is purely formal.

Job by function

If you have relevant experience and skills than earning money - look for work related to their future profession.Very often it happens that the leaders are willing to take undergraduates to work with the minimum wage.Some large companies have to offer and do work without pay for several months as an intern or trainee.Do not just throw away such proposals, especially important if you experience it.After entry in the workbook or a summary of what you practice in one of the largest companies in the country, can significantly increase your value in the eyes of future employers.The ideal option is job with a small payment for the period of training and a guarantee of employment after graduation.

Temporary work for students

job for the summer for students - this is a good option to make money and not be distracted from their studies.Who temporary work options are many, ranging from laborers and finishing work in the resorts and in other countries.Particularly worth mentioning a variety of international programs (in particular, Work and Travel), in which students can go to work in another country for 3-6 months.In order to participate in this program, you have to invest some money, but it will allow you to earn several times more and, moreover, to visit other countries.The advantage of the program is that you will work in the US or the UK, and then be able to arrange a tour.Thus, getting a job at a resort, or go to another country on the international program, and you will be able to improve their financial position and interesting way to spend the summer.

constant work for students

before the device for permanent employment should be clearly figure out schedules and working conditions.You can work on a schedule of working 2 days, 2 - day (or week by week).This scheme is provided in many large retail chains.In this chart simply plan their studies and work in such a way that at least skip classes.However, if you decide on this, you have to accept the fact that the weekend you will not.Another option

permanent employment - part-time.Most often, this scheme is used in catering (cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.), as well as various entertainment establishments (clubs, SEC, etc.).The main drawback of such a schedule is the lack of time to rest during the week.The best option in these conditions is quite difficult to isolate and everyone should decide what fits him best.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko